Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday always comes with a side of guilt.

I walked the dog and mowed the back yard before 11 this morning.  Jimi made us an awesome breakfast of ham & egg croissant sammiches.  We loaded Finn into the truck and explored Jefferson Memorial Forrest. We made a healthy dinner and ate not-so-healthy ice cream for dessert.  I stripped the bed and washed the sheets and blanket and Jimi made the bed once those things came from the dryer.  I swept the kitchen floor and washed the rugs.  I ran the dishwasher, Jimi unloaded and reloaded it.  We carted the week's dirty clothes downstairs, sorted them into piles, and started the laundering.

So much got done today; I should feel a sense of accomplishment.

All I feel is guilt; I didn't go see Brother this weekend.  I worry I've let him down.

He sent me a letter.  I've not yet sent one in return.  I'm bad about letters...I start them, but I never finish them, never send them.  In this letter, he included a list of music he wants me to find and burn onto discs for him.  A page of names and words I don't recognize,

lol Boosie - Incarcerated
lil Boosie - Bad Azz Vol 1 & 2
lil Boosie - Superbad
Yo Gotti - Cocaine Music
Lil Wayne - No Ceilings
Gucci Mane - Guccimerica
Camron - Killa Cam
Young Jeezy - Trappin' Ain't Dead

What is this shit?  In the days of Napster or Limewire, I would've had it covered, but I don't know how to get music these days without paying money for it, and I'm not paying money for this music.  

I'm going to write a letter.  And send it.  Tomorrow.  I double dog dare myself.  

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