Monday, June 20, 2011


We need six women, came the announcement.  It was stated quietly, but it clanged in my head and knocked the air from my lungs.  I forced my way through the crowd, looking for Jimi.  There he was, wearing his blue shirt.  I squeezed his hand and told him what I'd heard.  That look in his eyes - what was it?  Explosive anger is what I expected - Protect me!!!- but that look, it was something different.  Resignation?  The look of being beaten?

I huddled in with a group, as if keeping the announcers from seeing my face could keep them from seeing my name on their list.  The men, the ones the women would "keep company", they were already on the bus, ready for their adventure to begin.  I wanted to disappear into Jimi's arms, where I was safe before this moment.  I wondered if we could run.

They called the first name.  Mine was sixth.  They must've decided on more than six, because my name was not the last.  Out of all these women, they had to choose me?  I knew they would, though.  I'd felt it.  My eyes, full of panic and the reality of the situation, found Jimi...

and then I woke up.

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