Thursday, June 9, 2011

I changed my comment system.

BlogHer told me to.  Well, not the actual BlogHer, but some chick who they think is awesomer than me who writes for them (and she obviously is awesomer than me, because she understands how to do this blog thing whereas I am simply practicing typographical diarrhea over here).

Anyhow.  Comment System - I changed mine to Disqus.  I'm not really sure what all that means just yet, but I know that now I can reply to your individual comments in a way that doesn't make me feel awkward and weird and uncomfortable the way I feel when I go back after 5 of you have said something and I'm all "Yeah, I like that too; no, that wasn't so bad; sure, I'll send you the recipe" all in one little comment box -  That's what leads to me not replying to comments at all and then feeling like an asshole for ignoring comments and then I get all froze up and worry that no one will ever like me because I'M NOT DOING IT RIGHT!!!

What were we talking about?

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