Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm scared for us all.

"You should be proud of being white."

Because I worked so hard for it, right?

I'm not sure I have the words to adequately express how strongly these words make my blood boil.  I'm not sure I can explain how disappointed I was to hear them coming from the lips of a person I love and respect.

I almost told family to leave my home tonight.  I held my tongue, but just barely.  When my arguments became shrill, Jimi called me on it and I felt betrayed, as if his pointing out my hysteria somehow invalidated the point I was trying so passionately to make.

Oh, how do we live in a world so colored by hate of the unknown, the misunderstood, the different?  It hurts my heart; it cuts me deep.  It makes me sad, it disappoints me, it makes me refocus the lens through which I view my world.

Dammit, I like my kaleidoscope of colors - I like the players in my world to come in different shapes and sizes, with different backgrounds and experiences.  I can't imagine how dull the world would be if it were filled only with white conservative Christians - not that they don't have their place, they do; but the world needs variety and flavor.  We need to be exposed to people who are not like us so that we may learn to appreciate the beauty that is found within our differences.  I want to learn from people who are not like me; I want to teach them what my world is like.

Please don't be scared.  Please don't hate because you don't understand.  Please don't judge because they're not the same.

We're all the same.

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