Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who needs some formula?

Similac didn't get the "remove me from your mailing list" memo.  

They've got good timing, though - if I hadn't miscarried, I'd be ready to deliver any day now.  I'm sure I'd be super appreciative of this and the $5 off coupon...if things were different.  

I don't feel punched in the gut, though.  Had this arrived a few months back, I'd be pissed off and wanting blood.  Now I'm thinking, "Hmm - I wonder if Kari's planning to bottle-feed?"  (Are you?  I'll send you this, and the coupon!)

Huh.  It's kinda funny.

The sun is shining today, friends.  Work wasn't so hard today.  I've got some energy.  I feel pretty dang good, even with two reminders of the worst thing ever sitting right next to me. 

See, Jimi?  I told you I was coming out on the other side.  Told Ya!


  1. I love you for thinking of me. I wasn't able to breast feed with Emma so we did bottle feed. I'm going to try again, but chances are we'll probably end up with the bottle.

    Apparently, my boobs don't like babies.

  2. I'm collecting baby supplies too. (Got a plan I'm working on. And no it doesn't involve baby-napping)If no one else wants it, let me know! You are handling this beautifully! Keep up the good work!
    FYI- my word verification for this comment is "we-rag." Yeah, thanks for the reminder, blogger. ;)

  3. How hurtful - I know they can't really avoid sending samples to women who've lost their little one, but it seems horribly cruel. I'm glad you're healing though. *hugs*


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