Monday, April 18, 2011

Louisville Geographic - South End Style

Last night, Jimi told my parents about the bunnies that live in our 'hood.  We were standing on the porch at dusk one night last week, and suddenly, three little brown and white bunnies darted across our lawn, lined up one after the other, with about five feet between each of them.  They made it through our yard, across the street, into the neighbor's yard.  As they ran, the distance between them lengthened.  The first one darted out into the street, and into the far yard without trouble - he was quickly out of sight into another neighbor's back yard.  Bunny number 2 also made it, but bunny number 3 nearly bit the dust when he tried to brave it and cross in front of a car.  He turned back at the last minute.  "Oh no," I said to Jimi, "He lost his friends!"  And then I saw.  "No he didn't," Jimi replied, laughing and pointing, "Look - they're waiting for him."  They were.  The first one, who'd disappeared into the back yard, he was waiting at the far end of the driveway, looking back to see where his buddies had gone.  Bunny number 2 was waiting at the foot of the drive - I could almost hear him calling to his friend "C'mon, buddy!  It's clear now!  Let's go!"  Bunny number 3 hopped his way across, met up with first one friend then the other and they were gone.

Aww.  So sweet.

This morning, as I was checking my Facebook and getting ready for work, Finn started barking at the recessed light in the center of the ceiling here in our cozy little TV nook.  Jimi circled it with a string of LEDs last night - at first I thought the dog was voicing his displeasure at the new design.  Then I heard.  The raccoon is back.  And fucking huge, from the sound of him.  I could hear him walking on the other side of my ceiling.  20 years of scary movies flashed through my head as I slapped my flat palm against the drywall - I knew that bastard was going to come through the ceiling and eat my face any minute.  He didn't though.


This afternoon, when I got home from work, I decided Finn needed a walk.  I needed a walk too.  So we went for a walk.  It was uneventful, until we got home and I noticed Finn was spending a lot of time sniffing a smell over on the side of the house.

The raccoon killed one of the bunnies.  And left it at the base of my chimney before retiring to my attic for the evening.

Fuck.  Jimi just told me raccoons don't kill rabbits.  That raccoons are scavengers.  I know this.  Fuck.  So there's something else killing rabbits in my neighborhood and the raccoon is bringing his dinner home and eating part of it and then going to sleep?

I don't care what Jimi says, these incidences are related in my head, therefore they must be related in reality.  Right?

Or tell me what you think?  Lover's triangle between the rabbits gone awry?  


  1. Cats kill rabbits, or at least my mom's do. They don't eat them though. It's just for shits and giggles. The raccoons eat them. Poor little bunnies.

  2. Cats can kill rabbits.

    Dogs can also kill rabbits (not your dog but a neighbors).

  3. Oh, I'm so sad for the bunny. Once I had three pet mice. Then one day two of the mice ganged up on the little one and ate him. Don't know why I shared that. Just thought of it right now.


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