Friday, April 8, 2011

In the City.

April 3, 2011
Washington, D.C. Trip
Day 3

We drove the 60 miles to the Park 'N Ride again and caught the train Metro Center, 
where I intended to get coffee and souvenirs.  
I believe I've mentioned how my coffee quest ended; the souvenir shopping had a similar outcome.  
It wasn't anyone's fault; I was so distraught over coffee, I forgot to buy postcards.
And I thought we'd be back the next day.
All my friends are getting postcards and trinkets from Monticello 
(home of Thomas Jefferson, and en route from DC to Louisville)
instead of Washington, D.C.  
Let's not talk about it, okay?  
   So we walked to the Mall.

It was windy.

 Lots of people were flying kites.
If I lived there, I'd get the biggest, coolest kite and I'd fly it on the Mall all day long.
And then I'd ride my bike from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial and back 10 times.
And then I'd catch the Metro and go home.

This is the only non-orchid picture I took at the Natural History Museum.
I love elephants.

 We walked over by the Washington Monument - I actually touched it for the first time.  Of all the times I've been to DC before, I'd never bothered to walk up to the Washington Monument and touch it.  

Jimi's brother headed for the Jefferson Memorial and the thick of the Cherry Blossom Festival, but we hung back and did some serious people watching.

Oh, the cherry blossoms were past their peak, said the professionals.

I think they were still beautiful.

Like cotton.

The reflecting pool was gone.  WTF?

 We ate dinner at the restaurant where the old man was making the fresh noodles in the window.  The noodles were very yummy.

 When we'd had our fill of sight-seeing, we took the Metro to Rosslyn and found a quiet spot along the Potomac.
It was covered in trash.  
Every piece of trash was an alcoholic beverage container of some sort.
Someone needs to organize an Operation Brightside cleanup.
This reminds me of blood vessels.  

I love this.

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  1. The cherry blossoms are so pretty! And I love the picture you took at the natural history museum, amazing.


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