Monday, April 11, 2011

I have some things to tell you.

My computer is back!  Okay, it was barely gone.  I dropped it off after work today with Britney Robinson of Robinson Technology & Financial Management Services - within 30 minutes she called to say she'd restored all of my photos YAY!!!  In less than 3 hours, she called to say she'd cleared 5 viruses and restored all documents (including tax returns) and our machine was ready to be picked up.  It's running like new and the cost was much less than I would've expected - a third of what I paid to repair my ex-husband's machine when he made the same mistake years ago.

Do I have to say how good it feels to know my pictures are safe?  Or that I'm going to back those bitches up post haste?

Other things I want to talk to you about:

~  I've got this ridiculously bad habit of accidentally buying Christian Fiction books.  I don't pay much attention when I'm buying books, mostly because I don't spend a lot of money when I buy books and if you're only spending a quarter or fifty cents, how bad could it really be, you know?  Speaking sign language gorilla bad.  My five year old died and now I'm going to clone him except OH WAIT that opens the door for late-term abortions bad.  No, really.  Those are the story-lines for two of the books I picked up at that neighborhood yard sale last Spring - a REALLY Catholic neighborhood, turns out.  The Encyclopedia of the Saints I picked up should've tipped me off maybe.  Or the "Women of Faith in Fiction" badge on the cover that I barely glanced at before my purchase was complete.

I never know these books are Christian fiction until I'm like 10 pages in, and by then, I'm officially "Reading" the book.  I've got this rule, you see - once I start reading a book, I have to finish it.  That piece of shit called "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" or something like that?  Stephen King?  It's like 150 pages and it took me 10 months to finish it, but I read every page of that pile of poop.  So I start reading these books, and I have to finish them, even though it involves lots of eye rolling and soapbox preaching and loud exclaiming.  

~  I love Jimi so much.  I say it all the time, I know, but my God, I love that man like I love breathing air.  You know how when you're in a long term relationship that feeling of awe, that overwhelming ILOVEYOU feeling, it ebbs and flows, right?  It does with us too, sure, but we flow a lot more than we ebb.  And our highs are so much higher than our lows are low.  And he continues to amaze me every day with his ability and willingness to bend, to shift, to move with me, even when I'm unpredictable and nonsensical and crazy.  He's a lesson in patience, goodness, kindness, generosity.  Every moment I spend with him makes me a better person - he makes me want to do more, to be more.

~  I need to go see if I can play my Sims 3 game again - the restore fucked it all up and I'm hoping the magic fix fixed that too.  Fingers crossed!

~  There are two blogging award thingies hanging out there with my name on them that I've yet to acknowledge. I haven't not noticed - I've been busy, and I'm sorry.  Give me a few more days, ladies, please?

~  I'm really going to have a giveaway and give away shit from my house.  100 things.  No shit.  100.  Tell your friends.  No more details until I have 100 followers.  Yes, I'm trying to lure more people to my blog with the promise of mailing them things I don't want anymore.  You know you're going to enter.

I think that's a good place for an ending, eh?  Happy (almost) Tuesday!


  1. Oh thank God, I'm not the only one whose accidentally read a Christian fiction book only, I think mine was worse cause it was a romance. "Inspirational romances" are enough to send you into a diabetic coma.

  2. please tell me that you are not referring to Ishmael. If you are....

  3. I don't know Ishmael, so probably not. :)

  4. Ok, Natalie
    I am you 100th stalker, go ahead and do start your giveaway!!!


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