Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trojans are assholes.

I turned the laptop over to Jimi and went downstairs for a nap.

Three hours later, I'm awake again and I come upstairs and he's all, "I think there was a virus.  I'm running a scan now."

Hours pass.  The scan finally completes, I reboot, and the virus is still hanging out.  Shit's all wonky.

I go downstairs, where Jimi's cooking dinner.  "I think the laptop is fucked."

"Fuck."  We're real eloquent around here. "Did you try a system restore?"  He's the brains of this operation.  He always has the best ideas.

I shut down, restart, escape, restore.  YAY!  It's all fixed!


Wait a second.  I had folder over there, on the desktop.  Where'd my folder go?

"Jimi, I think it's deleted all of our pictures."  I couldn't help myself.  I burst into tears.  I stumbled downstairs and threw myself on the bed and I sobbed.

Who comes home from vacation and promptly gets a virus that erases all of their vacation pictures?

And it would be this batch of pictures - the ones I was so proud of and so looking forward to having printed and hanging on our walls.  Fuck!!!

Oh, but wait, there's more;  it's not just vacation pictures, I discovered.  All of our pictures are gone.  All of them.  Every one I've taken and saved to this computer - they're all MIA.


I'm going to drink a beer or five until I don't care anymore.  Jimi's gone to bed; he's really fucking broken up about this and I'm not even being a smartass when I say that.

I've got a friend who speaks computer repair - maybe she'll be able to work some magic and fix everything all better.  Or maybe we'll just have to take some more pictures as we make new memories.

The silver lining?  I uploaded pics to Facebook daily while we were away, and this afternoon (before my nap), I got a few blog entries put together and saved - and the pictures I've attached to those posts are still there.  YAY!  Maybe I'll still be able to get some of these guys printed and hung on my walls.

How many times do I need to be reminded to create backups of everything?  I mean, seriously.  This is some bullshit.

 This one survived, somehow.  Fucking viruses.  


  1. this sucks so bad!
    i really hope your friends can pull your photos out of somewhere for you!


  2. That's awful! I would've cried too, for sure!


Please don't make me cry.


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