Saturday, April 30, 2011

Here's what I've been doing.

I don't have anything good to write about, so I'll just write about all of it.

The sun came out on Thursday and it made everything better.

Jimi and I met up with a friend for dinner that night - we tried a new-to-us place that we've for years heard our friends rave about.  I was less than impressed.  First, I strongly believe that the chips and salsa portion of a Mexican meal is a vital component, and shitty chips or bad salsa can ruin the entire experience.  There's a delicious, authentic Mexican joint up the street from my office - Jimi and Steve love the place, but I refuse to eat there.  Why?  They have shitty chips; they serve those round yellow corn stale salty discs that are at the peak of their taste-ability when coated with that gross yellow nacho cheese you can find at any high-school sporting event concession stand.  They have their place, I suppose, but it ain't on my table when I'm looking for chips and salsa while waiting for my enchilada and refried beans.  I insist on homemade, warm, barely-salted, triangle-shaped tortillas.  And homemade salsa, preferably the consistency of crushed tomatoes with no big chunks of anything.  And if you make me pay $2 for chips and salsa, and then present me with those bullshit round yellow discs, I will say bad things about you to all of my friends, El Mundo.

(Then again, I didn't spot a single Hispanic working at the place.  When it comes to Mexican food, this is a bad omen.)

To be fair, the entrees were pretty good.  The enchiladas were different from any enchilada I've had before, but they weren't bad.  And the beans weren't refried, but rather black beans cooked with some sort of meatfat and spices - they were probably the best part of the meal.

Friday was Administrative Professionals Day, and after being reminded by a customer that he has a pretty awesome office staff, our boss took Kimmie and I to the Cheesecake Factory for a long lunch that left us all feeling fat and near-comatose.  Why on Earth did we think it'd be a good idea to order pasta and follow it up with a huge hunk of rich cheesecake?  (Probably because we thought it'd be delicious, which it was.)  We suffered for hours afterward, though.  Too many foods.

After work, I met Kimmie and Alicia and Dot over at Kimmie's and we cackled like hens for hours under the guise of getting together to watch the Royal Wedding on the DVR, but the wedding was mostly forgotten until it was getting late.  We fast-forwarded through the three and a half hours of footage, stopping for the highlights, like the crazy hats and every scene featuring the new Princess's sister's ass...because we'd heard tale of how someone's boyfriend was being a complete cockbag and stated Pippa's ass was big.  (Seriously?  What lens are you using, dude?  I think it's broken.)

Jimi and I got up early today to check out a "HUGE 4-family Yard Sale/Estate Sale" that turned out to be a half a driveway worth of wicker furniture, old shoes, old purses, and a $50 framed picture of George Costanza in his underwear.

Then we drove around for an hour in search of a breakfast place that would please my discriminating palate without forcing me to wait in a lobby full of old people and screaming children for 15-20 minutes.  At 10 o'clock on a Saturday morning.  In the East End of Louisville.  (In other words, yeah fucking right.)  We finally settled on Wendy's because it was there and their breakfast is pretty damned good and because if I didn't eat NOW I was probably going to morph any second into a crazyhungry version of Medusa with hungry snakes popping out of my head.  Jimi turned into the parking lot just in the knick of time, and I'm pretty sure he knew it.

After breakfast we ventured to Lowe's so I could pick up one of those manual stick-tiller things so I could get the flower beds in front of the porch ready for planting.  Not that I have a plan of any sort, but Kimmie gave me a bunch of lamb's ear and it had to be in the ground before the end of the day today so I had to do something.  In addition to the tiller, we picked up a few bags of shit (I mean, manure/compost/dirt), a rose bush (!!!), a couple of lilies, and two orchids that were on clearance and told me they NEEDED to come home with me.  (Of course I couldn't deny their request.)

The tiller thing was awesome until I was like a third of the way through the first bed and realized I was growing a nickel-sized blister in the middle of the pad of my left palm.  I decided to ignore it, and managed to do so quite well - I got one entire bed dug out, the rose bush planted and I was trucking right along.  I was well into the planting of the lamb's ear - I looked down at my right palm and realized the much-smaller blister there had burst and there was dirt caked all up underneath the flap of skin that hung there.  And it hurt.

I'm a big ol' wuss, so I dug a big hole in the corner of the bed and planted the hunk of lamb's ear that was left, figuring I can always move it later.  I was done with gardening, at least for the day.  I put away my things and called it a day.

The rest of my day has been spent playing Sims 3 and watching Extreme Couponing.  Not bad for a Saturday.

I really need you to go enter my giveaway.  I need to send you some of these things and some of this stuff.  Just do it.

What was your favorite part about this week?  Did you have a turning point - like the sun coming out?  Are you and your families safe after the horribly scary weather of the last week?

Happy Weekend!  I hope the sun is shining wherever you are.


  1. That whole Breakfast-Medusa plotline? I do that. I do it bad. I shoot down every suggestion Clay gives out, we drive around until we're in the middle of foodless nowhere, I decide I have the immediate starve-and-die disease, I start whining that Lila might pass out any second, then we settle for something craptastic. It's a horrid disease, but it is what it is.

  2. OMG, will you please message Jimi and tell him I'm not the only one?!

  3. Um, I think I would pay $50 to NOT see George Costanza in his underwear.

  4. My son gets EEEEEVIL if he goes too log without eating. SO I love the whole breakfast/Medusa thing.

    I was gardening today too. My neighbor completely and totally rocks because he got a stump out of my flower bed.

  5. My favorite parts of the week:
    1.Getting to see the Sun again.
    2.Getting home after my third day of "working" since I was going to have two days off.
    3.Watching new episodes of South Park and The Office.
    4.Getting to go to the movie theater for the first time in three weeks.

  6. My favorite part of the last week was spending time with my new guy. The fact that I even have a guy is kind of blowing my mind. Tomorrow = 3 weeks we've been seeing each other!



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