Saturday, April 2, 2011


We stopped at Tamarack, WV on Thursday; we talked about it last time we came out here but didn't take the time.  On this trip, we were happy and in a playful mood and just taking the day as it came.  Plus, we'd been in the car for hours and our legs needed to be stretched.

We pictured a world of junky tourist crap; we were pleasantly surprised to find we were wrong.

(Well, mostly wrong.)

They had these cute little baskets hanging on a rack when you walked in.   
These watercolors - I want them.  Someone gift me a thousand bucks before Tuesday?
There was a display of art made by local schoolchildren - the Super Mario Bros. Lego set was my favorite.

These are moonshine jugs, shot glasses, coffee mugs, and tea pots.  

I would've bought one of each, but the shot glasses started at $20.  The jugs were priced up to $600.  Too rich for my blood, but they sure were cool.  

There were shelves and shelves of these wooden carved jewelry cases.

This was my favorite.  It, too, was way over my price threshold.  

There were a lot of quilts and knickknacks and glassware - all made by West Virginia artists.

And then there was the table.

The bronze sculpted table.  
The pictures don't do it justice.

The price on this table, the 5th in the series, was $18,250.  

We ate lunch in the parking lot (we'd packed a cooler with sandwich fixings, string cheese, pretzels), then hit the road again - Tamarak is not quite half-way, and we still had a lot of miles ahead of us.

I really enjoyed our little stop - I have this fantasy that one day we'll take a month off work and spend our days leisurely making our way across the country, stopping along the way at each and every little dinky tourist trap or historical spot that catches our whim.  This wasn't exactly that, but it was close.

I love vacation.  We're so happy, so in love, and life is so good.


  1. OMG, those quilts and carved wooden bowls are fabulous! Tamarck sounds like it is just kitschy enough to be really fun.

  2. I'm from West Virginia, and also have used Tamarack as a great place to stop and stretch...and get some amazing gifts.

    I remember the artist that does the coffee tables-amazing stuff.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I want to go here so bad! And how awesomely ridiculous is that coffee table? Wowza!


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