Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New ____ Day

New ____ Day is the best day of the week.  

Or the best one day out of ten, depending on how long the last supply survived.  

I like having enough, knowing that I'm not going to run out.  I imagine it's very much the way Mormons feel about their food storage - just knowing that you've got the basics covered.  It's that feeling you get when you get a surprise bonus and don't have a bill you have to pay with it - that "I'm Rich!" feeling that comes from knowing everything's taken care of and, for a moment, at least, you have plenty.  

I shit you not, I woke up this morning and thought "Ugh, I don't want to go to work today", immediately followed by "OH WAIT!  Yesterday was New ____ Day!  Today will be fine!"  It has that sort of power - New ____ Day is awesome even the day after New ____ Day.  

Yesterday at work?  Stressful.  The boss was back after a week's vacation; to start the day off on the right foot, he asked me about some invoices that had been brought to his attention by his boss - the owner of our national company.  I'll tell ya what, nothing gets a Monday started right like having your boss's boss find your fuckups.  Meanwhile, we're short our admin. assistant until we find a new one; it's always hard when you're trying to fill a position.  And we found a blind German Shepherd roaming our property; I can't pretend I did a whole lot about that - mostly it was Kim who made the phone calls and such, but I helped a bit.  The dog part was more emotionally draining than anything else.  

And then after work, I had to drive through the dumb ol' rain that won't stop to go try on bridesmaid dresses*.  

But you know what got me through my day?  Knowing it was New ____ Day.  Knowing that later that evening, I'd be able to go to the grocery and get my stash.  The anticipation of that "Ahh" after the purchase is finalized - that "I'm set" feeling.  

Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?  Do you have a New ____ Day you celebrate with regularity?  Something small to the world but big to you?  Tell me about it. 

*I'll be honest, the dress thing? - that experience was so much better than I'd anticipated.  We tried on two dresses and chose the second - we were finished in under an hour.  And the dresses are pretty!  And affordable!  And black!  (I mean, not like I go to formals or anything, but I would totally wear this dress to prom if some poor misled hot high school senior asked me to prom.  You know, if he was my cousin.) 

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  1. Kim is still making umpteen phone calls and sending emails to rescue organizations, trying to get this poor dog out of the humane society, before he is deemed unadoptable. It's still pretty emotionally draining on Kim. Kim wishes she had something like New _____ Day to get her excited... :-(

    This is Kim using Nat's blog to bitch and moan in the third person.


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