Friday, September 24, 2010

Sorry I left you on that note.

Jimi has spent the last few nights with his nose buried in internet comic books.  I don't see the appeal, but he doesn't get my love for Judge Judy, so whatever.  I've been watching a ridiculous amount of television.  Nothing in particular, just nonsense.  It's all nonsense, though, isn't it?

I don't really have anything to blog about, i just thought if some random person happened by my blog for the first time, the post about us making out in the kitchen might not be the best possible first impression.  This probably isn't either, but it's better than that.  I hope.

I don't know.  Like anyone's going to randomly end up here anyhow.


  1. Hah. I feel I may be the impetus about Jimi's resurgence into comics. I messaged him on Facebook to tell him how, through the awesome power of the INTARWEBZES, I was now downloading massive amounts of comic books. I told him I could likely have something to talk about the next time we got together, since before he would ask me if I'd read X comic book and I would have to say no.

  2. So when I can't blog for a few days, we know who to blame. :)


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