Monday, September 6, 2010

Dear little cluster of cells that has taken over my body:

Fancy meeting you here.

I don't really know just yet what to think about all this.  I'm a little stunned, to say the least.  As recently as yesterday I was all, "I'm totally not pregnant."  I was totally wrong.  But of course, you knew that already.

So here's what I promised your Daddy, and I'll make you the same promise:

I'll do whatever is in my power to get you here, in our arms, safe and happy and healthy.  I'll eat what the doctors tell me to eat, I'll take all the vitamins every day, I'll stick to milk, water, and juice and try to pretend that a cup of herbal tea is totally the same as a cup of coffee that's half cream and one Splenda.  I won't smoke cigarettes and drink beer while I read my books on the front porch.  I won't get high.

Basically, I'll do what's best for you.  Starting right now, and for always.

That's a pretty basic promise, I know.  I mean, it's what's expected out of me as your Mom, right?  But I'm cool with it, I understand my role in this, and I'll try to be the best mom evar, even though I'll probably suck at it really bad sometimes.  Go easy on me, will ya?  I've never done this before.

We didn't plan this, your Dad and I.  We didn't plan against this, either.  We love each other, a lot, and we're thrilled that we're going to have a new member in our little family.  Even if your impending arrival has scared us both half to death and has set our minds spinning on all the ways we're SO not ready to be parents. But at the same time, we're in a beautiful place for this to happen now.  It'll all be just fine.

You're probably going to have red hair and freckles.  I'll beat up any kid who tries to tease you for that, because red hair and freckles are awesome.  But of course, you're going to be super smart, so I won't need to remind you of how awesome your skin and hair won't care because you'll insist on being judged for your brilliant mind.  You'll be reading before you're out of diapers.

Wow.  I'm still just so blown away by today's course of events.  Every time I pause to move to the next paragraph, it hits me fresh all over again, a new wave of wonder and awe and fear and excitement.

I'm just so happy you're here, and I'll be so proud to be your Mom.  And your Daddy?  He's thrilled too, and he's going to be the best Dad any kid ever had.

I'd wish you sweet dreams, but according to this, you're just starting to develop your brain, spinal cord, and nerves, so you're probably not dreaming just yet.  Instead, I'll hope that you float along in warmth and comfort and that you can feel the love I have for you already.  I can sure feel heart is full.

Until next time, I'll dream of you.



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  1. I'm gonna admit, this blog made me tear up a little bit. Congrats chica.


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