Friday, July 30, 2010


Jimi and I took a half day yesterday, and now we're not due back to work until Tuesday morning.

I got up to an alarm at 6:30 this morning and went to work.  (I'd forgotten to print off production schedules before I left yesterday.  Oops.  I really need to teach someone (Kim) how to do the basic computer parts of my job.)

I was at work for maybe half an hour, then went Krogering to pick up some milk, coffee cream, doughnuts, english muffins, cherry preserves, and strawberry cream cheese.  Making that list makes me feel fat.

My plans today include:

     ~  Mowing the yard.  Twice.  Because it's that tall.

     ~  Playing on the internet

     ~  Playing Sims 3

     ~  Finishing Book 6 of the Harry Potter series.  (New movie comes out in November; must re-read the books to prepare for opening-night viewing.)

     ~  Grocery shopping.  (I love grocery shopping.  Until it's time to check out.  Then I want to get all stabby.)

     ~  Playing on the internet

     ~  Not working

The rest of our long weekend looks just as exciting.  You're totally jealous, aren't you?

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