Saturday, July 24, 2010

You people took all the good ones!

I need a new URL for my blog.  Something easy and creative and funny and, mostly, that will lead new eyes to my site, because no one seems to be reading this crap.  Which I guess is okay, but the voyeur in me says "Why doesn't anyone care what I'm doing?"

Maybe because your life is boring, Natalie.

Shut up!

All the good URLs are taken.  And the blogs they link to?  Haven't been updated since 2002, 2004, 2006.  I'm wondering if I have the URL for that one that was started in 2006 - perhaps I set it up under a different email account that I've long since forgotten?  Completely possible.

So I need to keep thinking on this.  I could ask Jimi, and he'd probably come up with something awesome, but then it wouldn't be as awesome because I didn't come up with it by myself.

God, at least all of life's problems aren't this hard.

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