Monday, July 26, 2010

Nothing to see here...

Jimi and Steve brewed beer yesterday.  They call it Ernge.  (It helps if you try to sound like a pirate when you say it.)  It has ginger and orange zest giving it its OOMPH - well, along with a lot of candy sugar and yeast. This is the second time they're brewing this original recipe - the first was 2 years ago and i drank almost all the finished product.  (Steve says he's taking his 5 gallons home with him to protect it from me and my drunken ways.)  This is no beer for lightweights - it packs a punch with 8-9% ABV.  They bottled it the last time - they've since moved on to kegging the beer instead, and I must say, it's a much more enjoyable drinking experience.  There's just something fun about a keg, you know?  The word "keg" makes you think of a party, doesn't it?  Whereas a bottle of beer - pshaw, you can have one of those any time.

Momma came over mid-day.  I bought her a Sansa Fuze for Mother's Day.  She says she loves it, but she has no idea how to use it beyond playing the songs I loaded on it for her.  She brought it over so I could download and sync her chorus music, along with loading the new Christina Aguilera and Susan Boyle CDs.  (She says Christina is trashy, but she has a strong voice.)

Momma was fascinated with the brewing process.  She stood on a makeshift bench Jimi had rigged in the garage and watched as they added boiling water into the tank with the cracked grain, laughing when she realized it smelled so much like oatmeal.  She asked a million questions, as she always does (and how it used to embarrass me!), and these two burly men were happy as clams to answer her every inquiry.  They love showing off how much they know about making beer.  Momma was super impressed.

Moving on.

Our yard is atrocious.  The mowers are both dead, and Jimi's truck was dead until just Saturday, and then there was brewing, so we've not gotten either mower into a repair shop.  And the grass keeps growing.  We've got the biggest, most eye-sore-ing-ess yard on the block!  Momma said we need a riding mower.  She did not, however, ofter to buy us one.

And so the yard grows.

Work was hard today.  I started off my morning firing the driver I hired last Thursday.  Then I found out one of our "veteran" drivers (been employed more than 1 year), um, unembellished the facts of the "minor fender bender" in which he was involved yesterday.  That "minor fender bender" will cost at least $3500 to repair - and that's just our truck.  THEN, the driver who was involved in the not-his-fault crash 2 weeks ago?  Comes back from the occupational physician with a note that he's starting physical therapy, tomorrow, at 10 a.m.

I got to re-do my schedule at least 6 times.

(Glad I went in an hour early.  And skipped lunch.)

But now I am home.  And I made dinner.  (It's been my turn for at least 2 weeks. And I only made Velveeta Shells & Cheese with tuna.  And Bacon.  I think the bacon made it okay that I didn't cook for the last 2 weeks.  Bacon makes everything better.)  And I found a strawberry freeze pop in the back of the freezer.  And there's still a beer or two in the fridge.

So yeah.  Nothing new here.

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