Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Morning

At 9:30 this morning, I was on my front porch, checking on the little plant I'd moved from it's root-growing cup of water into a hanging basket full of dirt.  A gold Humvee sped past my yard, and took a sharp left onto Southland Terrace - the tires skidded in the turn, causing me to look up from my little seedling just in time to see the Hummer nearly crash into a large passenger van that was coming the opposite direction.  The guy in the Hummer got out - skinny, dressed all in white, he stormed over to the driver's side of the van.  The guy in the van exchanged some words with the skinny kid in white, then got out of his vehicle and clocked the Humvee driver right in the face.  A scuffle ensued, and I went into the house to find my phone and call the police.

This isn't that sort of neighborhood, you know?

Of course, I couldn't find my phone.  Jimi couldn't find his phone.  So I kept going outside to see how the fight was coming along.  Yep, still fighting.  A neighbor walking his husky pup tried to intervene, but I guess the fighters didn't want to stop, so the neighbor continued on his morning stroll.  A white car passing the scene stopped to watch the action unfold.

Eventually, the guys got tired of hitting each other and looked almost as if they were ready to shake hands and move along, then heated words were exchanged yet again (in Spanish) and lots of angry gesturing ensued.  The humvee driver got in his vehicle, but refused to move his behemoth truck.  The van driver pounded on the driver's side window of the hummer for a few seconds before running back to his van and starting it up, then passing the hummer by driving through the neighbors yard.  As soon as the van was off the road, the hummer took off, so the van turned sharply and pursued.

Fun, right?

And then i called my Momma to tell her I probably won't go swimming with her today, and she told me that my brother spent the night in jail Friday night for public intoxication, possession of marijuana, and (possibly) possession of a controlled substance.  This, after he got a ticket 2 weeks ago for PI and Possession while sitting in a buddy's car in front of my parents house.  (The same buddy he went to jail with Friday night.)

I thought we were past this.  I thought he was cleaning himself up.  I believed him when he said, "If I work these two jobs, I won't have time to get into trouble."

Happy Sunday!

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