Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Question for Mormons

Why is soda okay, but tea isn't? I'm not talking Sprite or 7up, which have no caffeine, but like, say, Diet Coke? If you drink Diet Coke on the regular, are you still living the Word of Wisdom?


  1. I'll tackle this one- since you commented on my blog, I must comment on yours. Reciprocity, you know.:)
    The WOW, in my perspective is much like catholics doctrine on Birth control. Everyone knows it's there, but very few actually follow it. Mormons have adopted the most convenient of the statutes put forth- no "tobacco", no "strong drinks", no "hot drinks", and chosen to conveniently "forget" the rest- eat herbs and fruits in their season and with thanksgiving, flesh to be "used sparingly," and in times of "winter or of cold or of famine." It doesn't say no caffeine specifically- just strong drinks, but herbs in all forms are good. So we technically shouldn't drink hot chocolate, but it has been deemed okay. I drink herbal teas, which is a no no under the "hot" category, but encouraged under the "herb" category. If we all lived this "Greeting" as it is stated, we wouldn't be obese, have heart disease or diabetes at the rates we do.
    I have decided to live this according to my understanding. I eat little meat, many fruits and veg and try to use herbs for healing purposes. I try to eat with thanksgiving and gratitude to He who made it all. We are told not to be "commanded in all things" but to turn to God with our vexing questions. We get into large heated debates over drinking "near beer," when nobody knows what each person should do but God. Nobody can decide who is truly living the WOW, but He who gave it.
    Blah blah blah. Did that make any sense?

  2. I totally get what you're saying.

    Now about that "eat herbs" thing...would pot brownies count? Because I could maybe get more behind this movement if that were the case. ;)


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