Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

My whole family was together today.

I hugged my Momma, my Daddy, my Brother, and my Jimi.  I told them each how much I love them.

I played games with my cousins, the ones who were all born after I started growing up.

I rubbed Stacy's belly, and hoped to feel the kick of the next generation, but she, apparently, was sleeping.

Stacy and Pam took Granny's old recipes and turned them into a book, with family pictures included.

They handed me a wrapped box, inside of which I found three dresses - dresses I wore when I was a little girl.  A picture of me wearing one, sitting on Granny's couch, hangs in my parents' hallway.

I cried a lot this evening.

I came home and wrote to Kat.  Fuck.

I kinda hate that.  I won't hear back, or if I do, it won't be what I'd want to hear, but fuck it.  You only live once, right?  May as well lay it all out there.

By the way, my name is Princess Awesomesauce, and if you don't like that, you can fuck right the hell off.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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