Tuesday, November 15, 2011

O Brother...

Brother is home.  His first act as a newly free man was to make breakfast - sausage and eggs.  He says he was browning the sausage, and got impatient, so he just threw the eggs in with the sausage.  But the skillet was way too hot for the eggs, so they got scorched.  "It's okay, though, they'll still be good," he said.  Then he told me how, when he'd attempted to salt his meal, the lid to the salt shaker came off.  "It'll be fine, though, can't be any worse than what I'm used to."

Momma's got apple pie and chicken stew.  We're all full of tentative joy and desperate hope.  (For Brother, not the meal.  We know the meal will be good.)

If I were the praying type, I'd hit my knees right now and beg.  Oh please let this have been the lesson he needed.  Please let him understand that he has to do the right thing now.  Please let him want to make good choices.

Please let this be the first day of the rest of his life, a life full of good things and happiness and accomplishments like getting a job and a GED and a place of his own and a life he's happy to live.

Please let this be my Brother again.  My parents' son.  Our family, whole.  Please let the fear of brokenness be gone for good.


  1. Congrats on getting your brother back home. Sending positive thoughts his way for a new start in a good direction.

  2. Hugs and love for your family, dearie!

  3. I'm keeping a good thought for your whole family. I hope this can be a new start for him, and in all of your relationships with him.

  4. I hope and pray that he got it. That he knows he can now start over and choose who he is for the rest of his life. That he knows he deserves to be happy. That he realizes his potential and feeds it instead of stifles it. That he surrounds himself with good people who care about him. I'm praying... for him and for your family. This has to be it.

  5. I'm saying a prayer for him and your family, too. I wish him so well, Natalie. I hope he never forgets just how yummy even scorched and oversalted eggs can taste. I hope he wants to taste that flavor forever and never make another mistake to have it taken away.

    Now...go shower him with love and other wonderful reasons to stay out of the shadows. Remind him of how grand life can be on the outside.

    Hugs and prayers!

  6. Okay, I must have Penn State on the brain lately. I could have sworn that said, "Now...go shower with him." That's just so wrong, and not at all the sweet thoughts your friend was sending.


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