Monday, November 14, 2011

Coming soon...

I'm going to post something funny and amusing and entertaining.  Right here.  Any second now.

It's going to be brilliant.  It'll make you LOL and ROTFLYAO and OMGWTF?!2!

Right here.  Any minute now.  Hold on.  Brilliance takes time.

You're going to want to leave half a dozen comments about how it touched your soul and warmed your heart and made you think and helped you realize the world is full of beauty.  And then you'll want to share it with all of your friends and post links to it on your Facebook page.

Just give me a moment to get the words just right, okay?

It's still in the beginning stages, you see.  It's all in my head.  It's not in any specific order or formulation yet, but it's there, I can feel it.  I know I have it in me.  It's there, and it's good, and it'll be wonderful.

You know exactly what I'm talking about, don't you?  You feel it in yourself too, I know you do.  Somewhere inside, there's something you know you're going to do one day that will be awesome and fantastic.  You know it.

My problem is that I don't know where those words are, where the thoughts are hidden, what's covering them and keeping them from flowing freely through my fingers.  I don't know if my certainty, my belief, that I have something great inside me...I don't know if that's something I've made up inside my head, or if it's really a true thing that I'm not crazy to believe in.

You feel me?  Can you relate?  I can't be the only one.

Maybe it's because I don't do this more, I don't force myself.  I stare at a blank screen and listen to the emptiness inside my "things I want to write about" storage space in my brain, and I click back to Facebook and stare mindlessly at the screen, my scrolling making the words a blur, only stopping every tenth update or so to read the news being conveyed.  And then I come back to the blank screen.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

Words don't flow if you stop turning on the tap.

And Melinda was right - photo-only posts are a total cop-out.  They're pretty, but they don't replace words.

I think I've forgotten why I'm writing this blog.  I want to have a record of my life, of my thoughts, of my world.  I've stopped using my words.  I've felt like I've not had anything to say.  That's dumb.  I'm still living, right?

So yeah, one of these days, something brilliant, something hilarious, something awesome will be found here.  Probably not today.  But one of these days.

Any minute now.


  1. I feel like that a lot... like I have something I want to say, something I need to say... but it's just not there.

  2. i totally relate. i get all these great ideas for posts and when i sit down to write, they disappear from my mind. then there are the days where i feel like i need to write something, but nothing seems good enough, profound enough, entertaining enough. i know i can be a good writer and i WANT to be a good writer, but it just hasn't happened yet. practice makes perfect, though, right?

  3. You're so wonderful that you don't even have to write something magical to shine.

    You just need to wake up in the morning.

    You make me smile all day and it has nothing to do with words or clever anecdotes or alliteration attempts. It has everything to do with your amazingly wonderful, selfless and thoughtful actions.


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