Sunday, November 6, 2011

sunday morning check-in

I want to live in a TV-free home.

Okay, not really.  Then I wouldn't be able to watch "The Walking Dead" tonight.  But I like Sundays where Jimi sleeps in till 10 or so, and I have two hours of quiet before the bombardment begins.  Shows full of loud noises, flashing lights, shouting and screaming - we pay money for this shit to invade our quiet sanctuary?  I moved the laptop into the dining room so I can write - I can still hear it from the other room.  It's kinda making me want to scream.  I may need to go get my earplugs.

It's just too much first thing in the morning.  It's too much stimulation, too much noise, too much brightness, too much trash.  I need soft jazz and at least a cup and a half before that crazy begins.  I need a moment to organize my brain, still jumbled from crazy dreams and fitful sleep.

And then he's yelling to me from the front room, a random comment about some random show I know nothing about, something I don't understand and don't care to - "Motherfucker's name is Sucklord!"  Today's shows are so enlightening and uplifting.

He followed my path to the dining room and apologized - "I'm sorry honey, were we bothering you?"  "It's just the loud.  I can't take the loud this early."  "I'll turn it off, sweetheart."  "Could you just turn it down?"

He turned it off.


Aside from that, today's great.  :)  Got some things to do, but nothing stressful or work-related or sucky.  Jimi promised a walk after we eat our frosted shredded wheat - it's a beautiful day here in the Ohio Valley, chilly and clear and full of the smell of dead leaves and wood-smoke.  

O Hell!  Just realized we missed the clock roll-back last night!  It's only 8 o'clock!  Hells yes!

Remember that time I posted about my laundry and how bad it was and I fixed it up and swore I'd stay on top of it?  I didn't.  (Surprise!)  So we're working on that today, too.  

But first, it looks like we really are going on that walk.  Color me surprised.  

Happy Sunday!


  1. "smell of dead leaves and wood-smoke." <---- one of my most favorite things in the world. :)

    "The Walking Dead" is amazing. I have major nightmares after I watch it about zombies and how I'll protect my kids if there is a zombie apocalypse. Then, I realize that's just silly, but I have a hard time falling back to sleep. Ugh. But I refuse to stop watching it because it's so bad ass!

    As for morning quiet and the TV...all I can tell you is that kids and quiet in the early a.m.: doesn't happen. I can't even find a cartoon that they'll sit and watch so I can enjoy my coffee without them running around the couch in circles and screaming like savages. They don't have a mute button. They don't ever settle down. I long for quiet mornings, but mine start, almost every day without fail, with someone either crying or someone saying "I have to poop. Can you turn on the bathroom light." Sometimes...both of those things happen at the same time. LOL!

    Savor your a.m. quiet!!!!!! LOL! It's wonderful!

  2. Our house is TV free...well we own 2 tvs but they are used for our gaming needs. mike takes the xbox back and forth from the livingrooom to our bedroom because we use the xbox to watch zune, netflix, or dvds before bed. but since ive been holed up in bed he plays his games in the living room so he doesnt bother me and i can just watch my shows online. but i need peace and quiet when i first wake up.


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