Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Presents: Weekly Wall of Words

What was that crap I was blathering on about the other night?  I'm afraid to even look.  I shouldn't be allowed to drunk blog, drunk Facebook, drunk call, drunk text - none of it!  (The texting's not such a big deal; I hardly ever text.)

Thanksgiving was awesome; I hope yours was too.  My whole family was together for the first time in years and years (even when Brother was around to attend, he often didn't; I think he felt judged and unloved by some extended family, but hopefully we've turned that corner). I was worried that everyone wouldn't be nice, but it was perfect and wonderful.

For the first time in ever, I went out to a store on Black Friday.  Of course, it was Lowe's, and it was 11 o'clock before we got there, but there were people and sales and stuff so it totally counts.  And then we went to the Meijer because I wanted to buy the newest Harry Potter movie but I couldn't fathom going near a Best Buy to get their $9.99 BluRay special, so I paid $34 at Meijer.  I almost didn't buy it because of that price, but then I figured if we'd actually gone to see it in the theater like we were s'posed to, it would've cost us at least that much dollars, and hey, this comes with an extra disk full of bonus features and a DVD.  Anyone want a Harry Potter 8 DVD?  It was free.  What in the hell am I supposed to do with an extra copy of the movie?

Poor Jimi, all he wanted to do on Friday was play in his garage and get his new workbench set up.  On our way home from the Meijer, though, I got a phone call from Rick and so we detoured over there - and got stuck for hours and hours.  Rick's friend Billy was in town from Denver.  Billy is from Hawaii and California, and just not at all the type of guy you're used to chillin' with here in Kentucky.  He and Jimi talked for hours, about everything from surfing to religion.  Billy was completely amused by our "country" accents - I almost protested that we're not country, we're from Louisville, but then I listened for another second to his "You know what I mean? Right..." surfer dude lingo and realized that he's probably feeling like he's in Hillbilly Central.  I wish he'd been in town longer - I would've loved for him to meet my extended family, show him what Country REALLY looks like.  He wanted to eat some good Kentucky food, but as Jimi told him, good Southern cooking isn't something you can get at a restaurant; good Southern cooking has to be gotten from someone's home.  For a moment, I was afraid the party was going to move back to our place for Jimi to whip up some yums, which would've sucked because our house has lived in a permanent state of disarray and mess for the last 2 months.  We ended up at Flabby's instead, a Germantown staple that is known for its awesome fried chicken and rolled oysters.  I think Flabby's has changed ownership recently or something - the place was completely empty save for the guy working the counter, and the food wasn't quite up to par.  Billy's thigh had blood dripping from it.  I was embarrassed, as if I'd spent the time preparing and serving bloody chicken, but dammit, we all talked this place up, and they back that up by serving raw chicken?  WTF?

We all parted ways after dinner, and Jimi and I both paid a hefty price for eating fried pickles and pan-fried oysters and french fries and fried fish.  God, I feel unctuous just rehashing that greasy meal.

Yesterday, Jimi still didn't get the workshop sassisfaction for which he was hoping; he helped his brother clean out their Uncle Joe's gutters, then he helped Steve finish his bathroom. (Steve has a toilet again!  I really want to tell you that story, about how Steve hasn't had a toilet for like 6 months and has been pooping in a bucket, using a pizza box as a seat, but it almost feels like making fun of him, and while I want to make fun of him, I don't want to hurt his feelings.  Of course, I'm not sure how many feelings one can have if they're willing to shit in a bucket for six months...and really, now that I've told you this much, there's not much to add, except that his girlfriend will probably spend the night at his house again now.  Because there ain't no woman I know who's willing to take their morning constitutional with a pizza box, a Kroger bag, and a bucket.)(Unless you're camping in the woods, but that doesn't count.)  By the time he made it home last night, Jimi was beat and had no energy for workshop work.

I spent my day yesterday doing a whole lot of nothing, which is always my favorite way to spend a Saturday.  I did have to go in to work for about an hour, to do month-end billing (because Boss-man couldn't wait till Monday to find out if we'd had a million-dollar month - we did!), but once I was back home, I retired to the porch with a book (The Fellowship of the Ring, now that I've finished The Hobbit).  For the rest of the afternoon and evening, I alternated between book, internet, and Sims Pets - and was wholly unproductive.  It was fabulous.

I did hear back from Kat.  She asked me if I'm okay, said she worries about me.  I hate that.  I hate it because if she was here, if she knew me, she would know that her worry is needless and unfounded.  I told her life is awesome, almost wrote, "the only thing missing is you," but didn't.  I can't decide if it's true or not.  I miss Kat; this person she is now, though, I don't know her, and I don't think I'd have the ability to put aside my heartbreak enough to get to know her now.  The betrayal I feel is still so strong; like a wife who's been cheated on, I don't think I could ever forget enough to go back.  Not that that's even an option or anything...I'm just rambling.  My feelings got hurt really bad, okay?

From Facebook, just now:  "Never chase love, affection, or attention.  If it isn't given freely by another person, it isn't worth having."  True 'nough, Facebook.  True 'nough.

I just spent 15 minutes looking up a video called "WTF!?" by Dead Monkey Comics, because I love it with mouth and it is the source of that word I used up there - sassisfaction.  But the video doesn't work.  I can't get it to play.  If you go to that link and get it to work for you, let me know, will you?  Cause I embedded it and everything, but it ain't workin'.  "Email!!" is going to have to do.  It's good, too - it added silly shit to my vocabulary, like K THX BYE and SHUN!.  I have a better story about "WTF!?", but I'll save it for when they get the freakin' video working.  For now, here's Email!!:

Happy Sunday!


  1. Your Thanksgiving DOES sound like it was awesome!! I liked that you were cautious about what you wrote to Kat. Don't know the situation details on that one, but if she hurt you it's best not to act all buddy-buddy.

  2. Ill have no problem taking that spare dvd off ur hands. Hubby went to walmart to buy me the movie but its been sold out :( Your thanksgiving sounded great. and I love the whole dude from hawaii / cali calling u country. I moved from New Jersey to oregon and I get asked if i partied at the jersey shore a lot (which I totally did) but everyone here says I talk ghetto because i saw certain words funny (like water i say it like wooder everyone gets a kick out of it) I used to have a resident that called me a Yankee and ABSOLUTELY HATED the way I


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