Saturday, July 30, 2011

My soul feels happy.


I decided sitting around the house all day would be a complete and total waste of a perfectly good off day - I should take advantage of the freedom to do whatever I want and do the things I fantasize about when I'm stuck in the office.  So.  I took a long, leisurely, hot shower.  I got dressed up in a sun dress that I'd never dream of wearing to work (except that one Saturday when I had to go in for an hour - it was the middle of my weekend day and I wasn't changing into jeans, dammit).  I put on mascara and took the extra time to blow-dry my hair.  (No products or styling - we're not getting fancy or anything.)  I packed up the laptop and my camera and my sunglasses and I hit the road.

I spent my morning debating if I should stay put and keep watching movies on FX (I caught the end of Seven Pounds, and then the beginning of The Family Stone) or get up and get moving and go get some brunch.  (One of my Facebook friends said "brunch", and I'm very much a monkey-see, monkey-do sort, so I immediately had visions of lemon souffle pancakes topped with blueberry compote and vanilla custard dancing through my head.  And bacon.  It's not brunch without bacon.)  But I debated too long and then it was closer to lunch time and then the lightbulb came on!  It's Friday!  Lobster Bisque Friday!!!  Every Friday (and some Saturdays, too), The Bodega at Felice serves up their delicious lobster bisque, much to my delight.  Even though they have this soup every week, it's a special treat for me when I get to partake, so when it was quickly moving from brunch time to lunch time, I knew where I was going to start my day.  (Plus, they have wifi, and I wanted to sit and catch up on my reading - it's amazing how quickly the entries multiply in my Google Reader if I skip a day or two.)

The soup was delicious; the rosemary ham & goat cheese sandwich was "eh", only because I got one of those extra chewy white bites of ham (do you have any idea what I'm talking about?) and it sorta ruined the whole experience for me because I have weird food issues like that.  I've got some work I should do, but I may put that off because, well, who wants to think about IRP licenses when it's beautiful outside?  Tonight, sweet Jimi and I have a hot date in Brandenburg - to feed his brother's cat.  It'll be awesome.



Our hot date was awesome - we played darts and had pizza sticks and corn dogs.  

I got up this morning intending to mow the entire yard before the sun got too high in the sky and the humidity made it impossible to breathe.  I'd made about 6 passes, which doesn't sound like much but is actually probably the equivalent of cutting a normal-sized yard (but doesn't make much of a dent in my gargantuan green space), and the mower died.  I checked the gas - there was still fuel.  I crouched down to twist off the oil cap - but I heard a sizzle and suddenly felt a sting on my right knee.  I jump up and back and looked at the offended appendage - there was an inch and a half long welt reddening up, and I could see a space in the center where about an inch of skin was ripped off.  I'd touched my knee to the hot part, like a jackass.  D'oh!

I was done then.  I came inside determined to sit on my butt the rest of the day, but then Jimi figured out the piece of crap mower really did just want more gas, so when he got it going again, I decided to continue my quest for a neat lawn and jumped right back on that horse.  I didn't do the whole thing, but I probably left only a third for Jimi, and then I even showered, so I'm feeling pretty accomplished for 10:30 on a Saturday morning.  

I feel pretty damn good these days.  I'm almost broke, but never quite there, even though I'm putting every extra dime toward debt with the goal of being 100% debt free by September 1st.  (Knock on wood my car or the dish washer or the fridge or something else expensive doesn't break between now and then.)  I haven't been doing any exercise, which is probably why I feel so awesome from the yard-mowing-sweat-fest this morning.  I haven't been super careful about my eating, either, so I've not made any progress on my fitting-into-a-smaller-dress-size-by-October goal - but I've got two months and I'm going to work harder and do better, I swear.  Jimi's awesome and loving and perfect as always, and the baby-making part of my brain has STFU for now, knowing that getting pregnant now, when I have to wear a size-too-small bridesmaid dress in two months, probably wouldn't be such a great idea.  Whatever works, man, whatever works.  Work hasn't made me super pissed off or cry-y for at least a week.  My family's doing alright, my friends are fine.  Life is pretty fucking good, and I have no idea what I've done to deserve this much joy.  (We didn't win the lottery last night, though.  Dang.)

I hope your weekend is fantastic and full of your favorite people and your favorite things and so much happiness you feel like you're going to overflow with it.  Happy Saturday!


  1. It's a texture thing. And it's because you know you're chewing on a big wad of fatty supsectness. Gah! It's wrong and not meant to be ingested. It's why I have to inspect every bite before it goes in my mouth.

    I'm glad things are going so well, despite not winning the lottery.

  2. This post made me smile. It made me smile because everything is completely normal and completely wonderful.

  3. I'm the SAME WAY about bites of fatty ham, or anything that is suddenly chewier than the previous bites. Ew.

    But what a happy post! I'm so glad that you're so happy these days!


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