Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This debt ceiling thing is freaking me out.

Did you watch the President's speech last night?  Did you listen to the whole thing, or did your eyes glaze over?  Did you listen to the Republican Response?  Are you freaking out about this debt ceiling thing, or do you think it'll all work out magically and be okay?

I'm a little worried, I'll be honest with you.  And not necessarily for me personally, immediately, because I don't have credit cards and I don't have an adjustable-rate mortgage and I don't rely on any government programs to pay my bills each month or to eat, but I wonder if I'll have any money left in my 401K by next Friday.  I worry about my friend who does have an adjustable-rate mortgage.  I worry about my friends and family who rely on government programs like Social Security and Medicare to make ends meet each month.  I worry about the image of our Nation, and the ripple effect that will be felt world-wide if the US defaults on its obligations.  Okay, so maybe I'm a little more than worried.

I keep thinking, surely, some Senator or Congresswoman will pull from a hat like a rabbit some magic bill that will solve this crisis in two days - well before the markets get really nervous or the Powers That Be downgrade our national credit rating.

I admittedly don't completely understand the current situation, so I can't begin to make guesses or suggestions on how to fix the problems.  I'm in awe that our elected representatives, who, I'm assuming, DO understand what's going on, aren't being more responsible.  There's a time and a place for a budget debate, but when they're holding the world, and the people who elected them, by the short hairs - well, now's not the time.  Raise the fucking debt ceiling, as previous Congresses have done without a public airing of so much dirty laundry.  Debate and cry and deadlock on a budget - but do it after you've done that one, mandatory, "you have to do this or we're all fucked" thing.

Republicans hold a lot of blame here - I will never in a million years understand how they can justify their stance on raising taxes.  You want to spend more, you need to make more, and taking away social programs that benefit the most vulnerable in our society, that's not "making more".  Hearing that a corporation, which announces billions of dollars in profit every quarter, has a zero dollar tax bill - can our Representatives even begin to imagine how that sounds to the ears of your average working-class citizen?  Or how "protecting job-creators" sounds to a person with a college degree and no job?

Ugh.  Once, just once, I'd like to see our elected officials pull their heads out of their asses and do what's best for us, the common folk.  Represent us.  Stop the petty bickering and the stupid in-fighting and do their fucking jobs.  Find real solutions and compromises to protect and ensure the integrity of the United States.


  1. I worry about it too. I worry about how it will hit my 401(k), how will affect me as far as my school loans go, or applying for a car loan or eventually getting a house. I am not so worried about credit cards because I am in the process of paying off my last one and not planning on getting anymore anytime soon.....to bad they cannot have a few housewives that know how to do a monthly budget on one income to put our nations back on track. Elimate the unnessecary and put money where it should be.

  2. I heart you. Seriously

  3. You aren't the only one who's worried. People tell me not to worry about it, but I am one of those people who has to have goverment assistance to pay my bills each month. right now I'm expecting to be evicted from my apartment complex due to the bunch of little kids who can't agree on how to fix this crap. Yes I called them little kids because that's what this situation reminds me of. Oh, and Obama said last night in his speech that this was a complicated thing to do? No it's not. They just need to get their heads out of thier behinds and learn to agrree on a plan to fix this mess.

  4. The problem is that if you don't add any conditions to this and just pass it and raise the debt, that you'll never get anywhere as far as cutting programs goes down the road. Next time the ceiling has to be raised we'll be in the same situation. If we can't cut a deal now when something has to be done, what makes anyone think they'll be able to work out a deal when it isn't a priority?

    It's like someone deeply in debt, who's monthly bills grossly exceed their income going to the bank time and again to ask for more credit but expecting the bankers not to ask any questions or put any conditions on the loan. It's completely unrealistic.


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