Sunday, July 17, 2011

in closing...

We rearranged our living room and I love it.  We grocery shopped and now I have a fridge full of yummy wholesome foods, including avocados I purchased for $1.49 each (screw you, Valu-Market, and your $2.69 bullshit).  There are fresh sheets on the bed.  There are clean pants folded, and clean shirts and socks and undies are drying on high heat.  There's a mystery involving Netflix and the Blu-ray player, but that'll be worked out in time.  Jimi made a delicious dinner (mashed taters, steak and onions and peppers in a A-1-inspired gravy), and we've got a freezer full of ice cream treats thanks to my splurge/binge shopping trip last night.  Finn's leg seems to have improved with the help of a baby aspirin, a massage, a doggy ice cream, and a walk.

The world is fine, the world is good; in my little slice at least.  For now.

It's more than enough, and I'm thankful for every little piece of it.


  1. Glad your dog is doing better and I'm a little jealous of all your folded laundry.

  2. Oh, that does sound so fine and so good!


  3. That's kind of a lot for avocados....and that dinner? sounds DELICIOUS

  4. Guys, i don't have words for how yummy that dinner was - I went back for seconds! I never do that!

    And $1.49 may be a lot for avocados in some places, but here in Kentucky it's not a horrible price, I don't think - better than $2.69 each they want for them at the grocery up the street. Can you imagine?!

  5. I've been sitting here listening to my stomach growl for the last 30 minutes while I got caught up on reading blogs. This post just did me in. Must. Eat. Food.

  6. Sounds amazing. I just finished eating like a pound of baked ziti, and yet, somehow, you've made me hungry.


Please don't make me cry.


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