Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ain't got nothin' to say...

But I'm gonna type, type, type away.

That is what I do, 
when I can't think of anything good to share with you.

Whoa.  I'm not a poet and I totally know it.

Instinct tells me to move to something else, distract myself and maybe later something will come to me.  Nope.  I'm staying right here!!!  Aren't you glad you're still reading?

Twitter me this...

I don't know how to do Twitter.  I figured out how to get my blog posts to automatically update my twitter feed, but that's about all I do on there.  Last friday, no fewer than three awesome women linked me in #FF - i think that means Follow Friday?  Like you're supposed to recommend your favorite blogs?  I don't know how to do it though, so I couldn't even properly reciprocate.  I'm so ignorant about this technology stuff.

Jimi got his hairs cut today.  He just told me I should talk about that:  "What are you typing?"  "A bunch of bullshit."  "You should talk about my hairs.  It's the most important news of the day."  I must say, he looks very handsome with his new hairs:

But all I can see is the crap on the table behind him.
Have I mentioned I'm a lousy housekeeper?  That's totally my beer bottle.

But yes, he's very pretty.

I like wine.  Cheap wine.  3/$10 Arbor Mist cheap "wine".  Can't you tell?

Wait.  I just re-read that.  That's totally not what I meant.  Stop giggling.


I need some pie.  I baked a pie on July 4th, in honor of Independence Day because that's the American thing to do, right?  Eat apple pie?  It was all the justification I needed, okay?  And I'm going to eat some more of that pie tonight and pretend it's me being patri-fucking-otic.  

Did I mention I'm going to be in a wedding in October?  And that I ordered my bridesmaid's dress the other day?  In a size smaller than the one I tried on at the store, which fit me to a T?  Um, in case you're having what I'm having - that means I need to lose no less than one dress size in the next 4.5 months.

How long can I put it off before I have to start the starvation/laxative diet?  

No.  Wait.  I'm going to do this the right way.  I'm going to exercise, eat right, and lose so much that I have to have the size-smaller dress taken in so it'll stay up on me by the time the big day arrives.  

Right?  Right?!


I'm starting tomorrow, obviously.  There's pie in there that can't go to waist.  Waste.  Whatever.  


  1. LOL...I do post like that...I do sit and mutter a train of thoughts.

    Great haircut, btw.

    And pies must not be wasted. They should be waisted!

  2. I am on twitter too....look for @croakythroat!

    #FF is a just tweetylove...a shout-out to your favourite peeps, or letting the world know that they ought to follow these people.

  3. I can relate on the not wasting the pie. It should be eaten. I have put myself on a diet too. I no longer want to be the fatty, but the hottie. So we can do this together.

  4. "How long can I put it off before I have to start the starvation/laxative diet?" LOL - this is where my procrastination takes me. Except I don't have the patience for the hunger/toilet visits, and the end of this story is the dress doesn't fit. Hope you have a better ending!!

  5. Ha! Like I'd ever actually miss a meal. My stories usually end the same way - hoping for a change this time. :)

  6. I don't think the bbq we're having for lunch, is going to help your cause, but whatevs... :-)


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