Saturday, November 20, 2010

You remember my post earlier this week about my obsession?  Yeah, it's still going strong.  I've been reading Single Infertile Female for a few months now.  She recently had a second round of in vitro, and found out yesterday it didn't stick.  :(  Poor girl.  It makes me sad for her.  But, she did just recently meet a super awesome boy, so maybe he'll help her get through this and find her happy place.

Jimi and I had Mexican food for breakfast at almost 1 o'clock this afternoon, then spent over an hour wandering around Sam's Club for important items like toilet paper and part of Stacy's birthday gift.  (And cranberry orange goat cheese.  Holy smokes, i can't wait to try that!)  We got home and cleaned part of our nasty house, including vacuuming the bedrooms, which required emptying the canister no fewer than 3 times per room because of all the freakin' pet hair that was hiding the carpet.  His brother will be here shortly, and Indian food is on the agenda for dinner.  Exciting Saturday, eh?

We cancelled the Blockbuster subscription earlier this week and switched to Netflix.  Half the price, and with our Blu-ray player, we can watch movies instantly.  This should dramatically cut down on those mystery discs that show up weeks after I've put on a good drunk and spent my evening throwing random shit into the queue; now I'll be able to watch the weird stuff right away, when I'm in the mood for it and have some idea of why I want to watch it.  Win!

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