Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quickly now...

A few highlights:

1.  PUPPIES!!!

There's a little brown one that you can't see in this pic.  I think she's going to come live with us.

2.  Sarah and I spent the evening catching up and eating Friday night, and took a little trip down memory lane that led us to Jock's.  It's still the same, but now with live music.  The same people, the same drinks, the same shitty pool tables, the same awesome friend enjoying it all with me.  :)

3.  Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy grocery shopping?  I love it.

4.  Jimi's brother came over last night and joined us for a sort of Mojo Reunion at the AmVets Post where Danny Mac's Pizza has taken up residence.  The drinks were stupid cheap and ridiculously strong, the karaoke was bad and awesome, the people watching was off the hook.  And the friends; well, there aren't enough words.

5.  I fell asleep listening to Jimi and Jason playing their guitars in the basement, singing along with the tunes they were strumming.  That was pretty fantastic.

6.  Breakfast is bacon and eggs and cinnamon rolls and coffee with peppermint mocha creamer.

7.  I love life.  I have so much good fortune and so many blessing.  I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

8.  I want to write about that one thing, but Momma asked me not to, and so I won't because I'm unsure of my audience at this point.  Bittersweet frustration.

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