Friday, November 5, 2010

Books and things

Corinne was telling us about the Christmas Carnival thing coming up at her kids’ school.  Her daughter’s classroom is auctioning off a Kindle book reader.  This information, of course, sent me off on a rant about how those things are the devil and how a book is supposed to have pages and a certain smell and feel and you can take it anywhere and you don’t need batteries to enjoy it.  Corinne agreed – there’s just something about a book. 


Kim listened to us, but didn’t chime in.  She’s not a reader; maybe she doesn’t have an opinion either way.  But after Corinne walked back down the hall, Kim yelled over to me from her office next door:


Kim:      You know, I suggested that to Jimi as a Christmas gift for you last year. 

Me:       Oh.  (I’m thinking, “I’m glad he didn’t get me one; I like books.”  But it’s a super thoughtful suggestion on Kimmie’s part.)

Kim:      He said, “She likes books.”  He knows you.


Can we say WARM FUZZIES, boys and girls?! 


Love that man. 

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