Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm voting tomorrow because...

...I want to do my part to elect representatives who will support issues that I feel strongly about:  abortion rights, gay marriage, separation of Church & State, the idea that all men/women are created equal, and freedom to masturbate.  (Seriously, Christine O'Donnell?  Really?) Republican boss is out of the country and can't vote.  He thought his vote would cancel mine out, but now my side will be ahead by one!'s my freakin' responsibility as an American Citizen.  Duh.

...I want to bitch about the shitty job our elected leaders are doing for the next 2 years.  If you don't vote, you can't bitch. vote really can make a difference.

...I'm scared of the direction in which we're heading and I want to do my part to help restore some sanity.

...people DIE trying to cast their ballot in other parts of the world, and here I get to do it safely simply because I was fortunate enough to be born in this country. 

...I want one of those "I Voted" stickers to wear all day.  And then I'll put it on the fridge. 

...gets me out of the office for half an hour.

Whatever your reasoning, whomever your candidates, VOTE. 

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