Friday, November 12, 2010

My blog's not the only thing that's boring... life is pretty nondescript, as well.  

I was in my footie PJs by 6:17 tonight.

Jimi got home about 20 minutes later, took a look at my ensemble and said, "Guess you're not interested in leaving the house tonight, huh?" 


So he made a man-date with his bromance Steve to go do dinner and movie. I'm sitting here with a beer, the internets, and a night chock-full of wedding shows on TLC. WIN!

How are you spending this lovely Friday evening?


  1. Sounds similar to my evening. Except I wish I was leaving my house, but its hard to get a babysitter for 2 kiddos. But being at home in comfy clothes is nice too.

  2. Your Friday sounds pretty similar to mine.

  3. Since Brennan headed to Lexington for his mancation with his cousin Josh I did pretty much the same. And I needed it after my crazy ass work week.


Please don't make me cry.


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