Monday, November 15, 2010


A forum I frequent posed the question "Best love song?" today.  My answer is this:

Stacy introduced me to Ben Harper in 2001, and a love affair was begun.  Through the craziest periods of my life - the courtship with my ex-husband, my marriage, my loneliness during my marriage, my divorce, my return to Kentucky, the emergence of my new life - his music has been my soundtrack.  It can't be coincidence that I found this song on Jimi's laptop one of those first nights at his apartment; it has to be something more than chance that this song, one I'd never heard before, was there in his playlist, discovered in those first days when we were still new and learning about each other.    

He's gold to me.  This is the song I think of when I think of us, of happy, of the light and joy and love and beauty he's brought to my world.  

This afternoon, he emailed me this, forwarded from a co-worker of his:

I took a compliment call on Jimi ... Member name is (name removed) from (a city far far away). She wanted me to write this down word for word and send to all...  

"Talking to Jim is like talking to Jesus, he made me understand with what I was struggling with. From the bottom of my heart I love me some Jim, "I LOVE ME SOME JIM". There were so many issue I was having with my doctors, referral's, that was causing me so much stress. Then Jim said don't worry let me take care of that for you. There were things that I was not aware of he took all his time and patients in helping me understand what I needed to know to take my stress away. Thank you Jim for lifting all my stress of my shoulders. I Thank God for Jim." 
"If there is anyone working with him that does not have the same sprite as Jim, I will pray that it jumps into them so they can be just as Loving, Kind, Patient, Caring, Uplifting, and compassionate as Jim is." 

Jim your parents have done a beautiful job in rasing you. I am sure they are so proud of you just as I am in you. You are my new BFF... 

       I demand, I command along with recommending that Jim gets a Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday Bonus. And do not forget his pay increase of 5 dollars more a pay check. Keep up the good work. 
Love you much (name removed). 

See?  I'm not the only one who thinks he's golden.  He's a hell of a guy.

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