Thursday, October 7, 2010

Whose list is this?

A friend left this list on my kitchen table tonight.  (I want to be more like them; I forget shit all the time, but I'm usually far too lazy to make a list.  Of course, I'd probably leave it behind, too - because I forget shit all the time.)  The list:

have corn
2 tom cans
1 pk ranch

(X)  Find Camera
Go to kroger
Look in Pantry for ingredients

(X) Get Darvocet for nat
Get bowl to Share
Get outfit to Burlington
Ring back to Dots
Go See Mimi
Batteries for Flashlight

(The (X)s represent check marks, because I don't know how to make check marks outside of Microsoft Word. And I figure the (X)s get the point across sufficiently enough that I don't need to go look up instructions on how to make check marks outside of Microsoft Word.  Only two items were check marked on the list, but I'm pretty sure more than two items got accomplished tonight.)

I'm curious about why "Look in Pantry for ingredients" wasn't checked off.  I mean, the top of the page is a list of ingredients, so one would assume those were located in the pantry, right?


On a slightly related note, the "Get Darvocet for nat" is because of this:

I was out in the yard checking a trailer to see if it was loaded with clean drums, and when I turned to head back to the office, my foot went into a crack between the gravel and the pavement and my foot went one way and the rest of me went the other.  My first thought was "Oh shit, this REALLY hurts...I think it may be broken."  And then I laid there and I cried for about 5 minutes.  It really hurt.  Then I realized I was way in the front of the property, and in between two trailers, in the back...and that i didn't have my phone or my radio with me, and that I could lay there for an hour or more before anyone realized I was missing.  So I resigned myself to crawling back to the office, but made myself try to walk.  I hobbled all the way back, tears streaming down my face, and I got back to the office.  I went in, looked at my co-workers, and started crying again, saying, "I hurt myself."  Kimmie got me ice and tied it to my ankle, and Corinne wanted to know if I needed to go to Occupational Health.  I declined - no need to run up our workers' comp costs when there was nothing they could really do for me.  I'd already decided it probably wasn't actually broken.  

But man, it hurts.  

Actually, I took half a Darvocet a little while ago, and I think I could probably walk without too much of a limp right now.  Or maybe it's the bowl my friend shared.  Either way, Life Is Good.

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  1. i've been reading your blog and it is def NOT boring.

    and i'm the authority on boring blogs. trust me, i have proof. (in law blogs)


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