Saturday, October 16, 2010

I follow a handful of blogs written by infertile women who are trying to conceive, and one or two by women who were infertile but eventually managed to have a successful pregnancy and birth.  I read these women because I'm captivated by their writing and their stories, but their reality scares the shit out of me.

We went to Stacy & Jessie's last night.  Jessie's accepted a new job, and so he quit his old shitty one, so he wanted to get drunk and eat grilled meat and have a bonfire to celebrate.  We celebrated beautifully; Stacy & Jessie both got drunk, we had great food, and 2 of his old uniform shirts were burned in effigy.

Their pup Cujo is pregnant.  I've never been around a pregnant dog before, and I'm fascinated that they make all those new puppies in only 9 weeks.  Looks like there's only 2 or 3 weeks left before this new litter arrives, and I've promised Stacy I'll be there to help in any way I'm able.  I can't wait to see those little baby doggies, and to play with them, and then, after they're weaned, to bring one of the puppies home to our house to live happily ever after as the newest member of our little family.  Because we need more things that eat and shit and chew and make messes in this house.

I saw a shooting star last night while we were standing out around the fire pit.  I wished on it.  I can't tell you what I wished for or it won't come true, but I'm sure it'll come true, so I can probably tell you later.

We went to Sam's Club today, after a lazy morning of sleeping in, morning sex, and Mexican food for breakfast.  Buying a 10-pack of Kiwi fruit makes me happy.  So does a 3-pack of bathroom cleaner and enough paper towels to last 6 months.  I refused to even walk down the cheese aisle; I can't resist 5 lbs. of Gouda, but I can't eat it all, either.  I'm going to start a members-only store where we only sell sample sizes of things - little bitty cheeses and meats and samples of soups - so you can buy lots of things and come home with a variety, rather than buying only 10 items and having a $200 bill at the end.

Tonight's events include dinner with friends at the local Vietnamese restaurant (YAY!) and then possibly a costume party (for which I am completely unprepared).

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