Thursday, October 6, 2011

What do you fight about?

Today, in Casa de Fowler y Anderson, we're bickering over the Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner.  Specifically, when it is okay to use it.

I take the first shower each morning.  Jimi follows anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour later.  A while back, Jimi said, "Don't run the shower cleaner when you've finished your shower because then I come behind you and the water from my shower washes all the cleaning stuff off and plus I have to breathe that stuff in."

Maybe I forgot.  Not really, but maybe.

Here's the thing:  his plan works real well if he remembers to shut the shower curtain and push the little button.

I believe we've discussed Jimi and the shower curtain before?  No?  You just weren't paying attention.

Jimi doesn't close the shower curtain.  Jimi doesn't dispose of the plug of hair that ends up in the drain after every shower, either.  These two facts in unison make it nearly impossible to get the shower cleaner thing run each morning.  I know, because when I come home from work the shower curtain is still open and unless he hosed down the entire bathroom with scrubbing bubbles, there's no way he ran that shower cleaner...

so today, after my shower, I cleaned the drain, closed the curtain, and hit the button.  Clean shower, here I come!

Ten minutes later, I was in the basement "ironing" (throwing today's clothes in the dryer so the wrinkles will be mostly knocked out), and I heard the bathroom door shut.  But it was a forceful shut.  One that says, "If I wasn't such a grownup, I totally would've just slammed this door."

Up the stairs, peck on the door - "Baby?"  "What."  "You okay?"

Pregnant Pause.

"Now I can't take a shower!"  *sigh*

Okay.  I should've not run the shower cleaner.  But what's better - a minor chemical burn on your naked bits or a nagging girlfriend who won't shut the fuck up about shutting the shower curtain and running the cleaner thing?  I really believe I made the decision that represented the lesser of two evils.


  1. I like the way you think Ms. Natalie.

  2. I'm with ya on this. Hubby and I got in a huge fight right before I read this, and this post was exactly what I needed to read. Thanks. ;)

  3. I agree. I would push it. Tell him when he starts closing the curtain and pushing the button, you will stop.

  4. Im a nag when it comes to EVERYTHING. Someone please explain to me why a 30 year old man finds it impossible to clean up after himself?? i work a full time physically demanding job and im 8 months pregnant, and he cant find it in himself to take the trash out? throw away a paper plate? run a vacuum cleaner? (i just went on a whole blast on my page if u want to read more) dnt like to hear us nag, yet i feel like they NEED us to nag at them or very frustrated with the male race today.

  5. What IS this shower cleaner thingy?? I clean my shower once a week at a time when no one plans to use it...

  6. MrsB, it hangs in your shower and after each shower, you hit a button and it sprays cleaner all over the stall. The premise is that it'll clean a little every day, and before long, you'll have a sparkling clean shower that you never have to scrub.

    SweenZ, my pregnant cousin is having a time of it with her man, too, when it comes to getting him to pitch in around the house. It's something on the Y chromosome, I'd almost swear it.


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