Monday, October 10, 2011

A walk in the park

I've been meaning for months to take a camera on one of our park walks.  Finally managed to make it happen on Sunday morning, and got some shots of the beautiful Fall colors...

The colors are becoming more and more vibrant every day.  

I love Fall.  
I love the smell of the leaves,
the crunch they make underfoot, 
...but especially the shuffling,
the way you can just slide your feet through them, 
feeling them pile up at your ankles, 
smelling the earth underneath, 
rich and full of the scents that signal 
coming change; the cycle of life.

I used to love Fall because it gave me a chance to cover up.
Sweaters, jeans, sweatshirts, long sleeves - 
Summer was full of self-conscious and hot.
These days, though, Summer and me, we're friends;
fat arms and fat rolls be damned,
I wear what makes me comfortable, 
and I love Summer.
But Fall is still special in my heart,
I still have sweaters and long sleeves that I love,
and the fire pit,
and the apple cider,
and the Halloween parties,
and Fall Festivals.
And cooler days to spend on the front porch.
And Fall Camping.

Fall is Beautiful.

Life is Beautiful.

Aren't you so glad we get to see all of this?  Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the awesome of it all?  


  1. I LOVE this time of year,great pictures!

  2. To experience the changes of the seasons, the changing of life, is to truly enjoy the fullness of life for me. Great pics!

  3. I grew up in PA and it wasn't until I moved to LA did I realize how much I loved the fall. Now I live in Seattle and take every chance that I can to get out and admire the beauty of the fall.

  4. great pics! this is my favorite time of year! i love all the colors and am always amazed by the beauty of it all.

  5. I just don't think it gets any better than this. And fall is not the cover up season. It's the season of comfy sweaters and weather cool enough to snuggle without sweating balls. :)

  6. Fall is absolutely my favorite. I'm determined to have all my babies in Fall too - make it even more memorable!

    Oh and I gave you a blog award - check out my blog to see it!

  7. The pictures are great. I love crunching through leaves and most things fall (with the exception of the clocks changing).



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