Wednesday, October 12, 2011

God is Guilt?

If there were no God, there would be no guilt. If we were truly the random and accidental result of natural processes, there would be no moral authority on our life, there would be no right and wrong. You could murder and pillage to your hearts content and nothing would condemn you. This is evolutionary principle, and while many endorse it in theory, no one can live with it in practice. It is an absurdity. Human beings are not mere animals, we are not amoral beings. We know this from God's Word, and we know this from the internal gnawing of our own soul. (Part of this article, which I found after I read this article, which was linked from this blog I read.  There's a good chance I've got a pretty strong opinion about those two articles.)

I don't know how I feel about God, I'm still coming to grips with it.

So, God is Guilt.  That's what that says, right?

I don't know if I believe in God.

I believe that murdering and pillaging would not make my heart content, but I don't think that has anything to do with God or my fear of feeling guilty or being judged and punished by Him.  I think I don't want to murder and pillage.  I don't want to steal.  I don't want to lie or cheat or do anything else hurtful to another person.

..not because I'm afraid of God's reaction, but because I don't want those things done to me.  I don't get enjoyment from the pain of others.  I think that I am in the majority when I say this.   I think most people, with or without the threat of everlasting damnation, will not kill or rape or hit or steal or lie.

Am I naive?  Is the institution of religion the only thing holding the masses at bay?  If Joel Osteen wasn't aiming for a spot a Jesus's right hand, would he be stabbing people who cut in front of him at Starbucks, and then encouraging others to follow suit?  Are most Christians blood-thirsty soul-suckers who would lie, cheat, and steal you blind in a New York minute if only that God fella wasn't watchin'...?

85% of the Senate is Christian (compared with 79.8% of the population) and 13% of the Senate is Jewish (compared with 1.7% of the population). ... no Senator falls under the category "No Religion/Atheist/Agnostic"—a category embodied by 16.1% of the U.S. population —although two are under the description "unspecified". (source)


  1. I'm Christian (ELCA Lutheran). I believe in God. I do not believe God = Guilt. That's all!

  2. I believe that human beings are by default good...

  3. I saw this saying the other day that said something like " I love God but don't always like His fan club" I never have had this God=Guilt thing. I enjoy my "Fan Club" of choice, may not always be happy with everything it says, but it never ever changes my love for the joy, peace and strength my belief in God gives to me. I also have joy and peace being an American where people can make choices in their own truths. But who knows.... could be someone "up there" laughing at us all because we have it all wrong... or not. ;-)

  4. That's the dumbest thing I've heard in awhile. My opinion obvi but I think it's total, absolute garbage. God does not equate guilt. What bullshit.


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