Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wedding Photos - sorta

Melinda was chastising me the other day for the glut of picture blogs lately.
"I miss your words," she said.

They're in there somewhere.  
But I have to get these out first!

I took lots of pictures the day before, and too many the morning of, so by the time the wedding rolled around, my phone battery was nearly dead and flash wasn't an option.  
Eventually there will be professional shots available, and then I can show you what a beautiful wedding it was.

Until then, this is what I've got to offer by way of evidence:

Museum Row, Louisville, KY

We were gathered out front here after the ceremony, and I exclaimed,
"Someone take a picture of me riding the cannon!"
One of the hot groomsmen immediately straddled my leg and declared,
"Okay, where's the camera?"
It took me a minute to get it.
He was really hot.
If I was single, I would've tried to not go home alone.
The mighty Ohio River.
Can you spot the 

Muhammad Ali Center

There's another wedding happening on the rooftop over there.
Kimmie was at that wedding.
Apparently, the reception was held in a barn,
and was the best reception in the history of receptions.
Groom, Hot Groomsman, Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid, Wedding coordinator and Moms, Bride, Officiant
Wedding coordinator, Moms, Bride, Officiant
Bride, Groom, Best Man, Father of the Bride
Officiant, Bride, Groom, Best Man, Hot Groomsman #1, Hot Groomsman #2
There's a clock in the center of this picture that's one of the largest clocks in the world.
Not large enough for you to make it out in this picture, though.
Melinda and her Daddy
Flask o' Peppermint Schnapps
Artwork for sale at the coffee shop where Jimi bought my chai and juice.
i want the blue tree on the bottom.
And the skyline.
I sorta need those Fleur de Lis, too.

Before, with bedhead.
Bedhead looked better.
I miss you, bedhead!
Ah, that's better.
And now with make-up.

We sang, "Go - ing to the Frai - ser and we're - Gooo nna get maa-aaa-aar-ried"

Note the Halloween socks.  

The Groom is the Director of the Culbertson Mansion Haunted House.
This is his alter-ego, Spot.

Rather than a full meal, they had a dessert buffet.
A dream of mine.
But these three pieces are all I had.
I think I was overwhelmed by the choices.

We changed into Crocs after the ceremony, much to the relief of our feet.
We'd decorated them, but all the decorations came off, except the bling there at the top.

Totally zipped.
I could breathe and everything.

10 press-ons started the day.
Only 8 finished.


  1. You look awesome in that dress :D

  2. you look really good on those pics.

  3. That looks like such a fun day. Loved the brides Halloween socks with the gown and you and Jimi clean up nicely. You both looked fantastic. And breathing...yeah...always a good thing. ;)


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