Monday, October 17, 2011

Post-Wedding Hair

I took the bobby pins out.

17 of them, 
which really doesn't seem like that many,

I decided I'd take a picture or two of the results, to share here.

This is my first ever bathroom self-portrait.  
And no, I've still not erased that little love note from the bathroom mirror.

Jimi watched me from the doorway, then said, "Watch."

He held the phone up so I could see the display through the mirror.
Like most 5th graders have mastered,
yet I probably wouldn't have figured out for a hundred years.

Jimi took the rest of these shots.

That's his hand there on the side.

He was talking to me.

He made me laugh.

And then it got fun.

He was trying to make my boobs bigger.

Didn't work.


  1. You look like a high school girl! And so happy!

  2. I love the love note on the mirror. :)

  3. Best photo-blog entry ever!! 17 bobby pins? That was it?? I think I had 34!! Luckily I had Gary, cause with these nails I couldn't grip them to get them out! *lol*


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