Monday, September 12, 2011

Random ramblings and thinga and stuffs and thingz

My cousin is having a girl.  YAY!  I get to play barbies again!

So many more thoughts than that in my head tonight.

A year ago, I was still pregnant.

No.  This isn't going to be one of those posts.

Though my fingers are sluggish and slow and I"m hitting the backspace key much more than normal, so i can't really promise what this will become.

Why is the screan so bright?

Jimi put two new-to-me tires on the back half of my car today.
A co-worker (who happened to be in my office when Jimi dropped my car back at work) said, "He's paying his bill."

This statement has caused me much consideration and contemplation this afternoon and evening.

I don't get it, I guess, the idea of women being with men to achieve some financial goal or another.

When my ex-husband and I split, I assumed half of our combined debt, nevermind that he'd come into our relationship with 2/3 of it.  Whatever.  Nevermind that I was entitled, according to State law, to receive spousal support for three years.  Whatever.  Better to sever those ties completely and walk away.

Jimi and I have completely separate finances.  We don't share a bank account, and we don't have joint credit accounts.  This house we live in belongs to him; I pay half the mortgage each month on the understanding that this is my home and I will live here until I'm old and gray and, well, it's a hell of a cheap rate for rent in this area for what I'm getting.  I have no illusions - if he so chose, he could kick me out on my ass tomorrow and I'd have no legal recourse.

But he won't.

My bill is higher than my co-worker's lady's.


Stacy's having a girl. We knew it'd be a boy or a girl, but somehow knowing makes it more real.  OMG, I can't wait to kiss that baby's little teeny tiny nose.  And her little fingers, and her little toes.  And I can't wait to teach her all about everything - oh, I love her so much already.  


Listening to Amy Winehouse makes me feel sexy.  Even if I'm in my car, by myself, belting out tunes to no one but the night air.  


I started a rant this morning that maybe I'll post one of these days eventually.  Maybe not.  Basically, don't be a dick.  It's important.  


There's a good chance I'm not sober.  All the better.  Maybe I'll sleep tonight.  Probably not.  

Sweet dreams.  

Fucking backpace.  


OH!  And did I mention my underwire in my next-to-last wearable bra broke tonight?  No?!  WELL IT DID!

Fuckin' A.  


  1. Ah! The dreaded broken bra issue. I hate that. Metal just shouldn't be allowed to fracture. Ever. Especially if it's responsible for supporting the weight of boobies.

    Congrats on the baby girl! AWESOMELY fun stuff in store.

  2. I love that we both invited each other to stay at our boyfriends places when we inevitably finally visit one another. Oh yeah. It's gonna happen. You're gonna drink the Utah kool aid.

    And you're gonna like it.

  3. Man, my favorite underwire is all twisted and I have been keeping the bra in hopes that it would work itself out but I finally have decided to get rid of it. What a sad day.

  4. Vixen sent me, and your now one of my faves too! Following :)


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