Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mormon for President - but no thank you

I read nienie.  I like her a lot, when she's not talking about how awesome Mitt Romney is or how I need to buy more life insurance.

But her post today?  About how it's "against the constitution" for someone to say they won't vote for a Mormon for President?  Yeah.  

I wouldn't vote for a Mormon for President, but it's not because I hate Mormons.  I love Mormons.  I'm fascinated with Mormons.  I wouldn't put a Mormon in office because I know where they'd stand on political issues and it's absolutely contrary to my beliefs.  For starters, I believe that gay people are as equal as straight people, and Mitt and I ain't never gonna agree on that one basic fact.  

Remember with George W. talked about the conversations he has with God, and how God told him to go into Iraq and all that jazz?  Yeah, I get real nervous when people with access to nuclear warheads start talking about God's Will working through them.  

And have you ever truly examined the Mormon culture?  Good Mormons do what the Church tells them to, final answer.  Good Mormons are told by the Church how to live their lives: how to spend their money (offerings and tithing, mandatory); how to vote (conservatively, obviously); what to eat and drink (no tea or coffee); what to wear (from the type of underwear to the length of the skirts and shirt-sleeves); what to read and watch (only Church-approved literature, no R-rated movies).  You're telling me the Church would just chill and let one of its own be the POTUS without trying to exert some influence?  Yeah.  Uh huh.  

Have you heard of Prop 8?  Do you know how many "Good Mormons" dug into their savings to help fund that movement, because the Church told them it was expected of them?  And that was just for one ballot measure in California.  

No.  I wouldn't vote for a Mormon for President, but it's not because I'm a bigot; I wouldn't vote for a Mormon because I know too much about them and I don't trust their Church.  


  1. I'm a mormon and I wouldn't vote for Mitt Romney. This doesn't make me a bad mormon, because the church lets us decide for ourselves who we vote for.

    I don't normally respond to this kind of post, but I just wanted to point out that I think it very unfair that you profess to be an "expert" on Mormons and yet get some very basic truths very wrong about "us". Please don't do that. I like your blog. I like you. But I don't like what you've done here.

    I could research everything about you, find out as much as I can, but until I've lived in your shoes, I wouldn't profess to be an expert on "you". Because I would still be putting my prejudices on your experiences. And that would be unfair.

    All I ask is that you think about what you say is fact. Thanks :)

  2. I dunno...I think it would be cool to be able to legally have a sister wife to help with all my damn chores and stuff. LOL!

    That was SO politically incorrect...please note that I was joking. I don't hate Mormons and I know that they're not polygamists. I just said that because I know it would make Natalie chuckle.

  3. To me, I don't generally vote for anyone who uses their religion as the base for their platform. If someone uses 'God' more than 5 times in one speech...they're pretty much off my list. I don't trust ANY church, but I don't begrudge anyone the comfort they get from attending one. But I don't want that person, who depends on what God says to them, as my President. But Catholics and Mormons, they will never get my vote if only because of the horrifying civil rights violation that they endorse called Prop 8. As a Californian I was appalled and ashamed of human beings that day.

  4. There is currently a Mitt Romney advertisement being displayed on your sidebar... hehehe...

    Hey girl, this is YOUR blog and you can say whatever you want on here! I hate when people take shit so personal. I agree, I wouldn't vote for Mitt either, because lets face it, no matter what religion you are it usually goes hand in hand with your political views. I live in Utah, the most Republican state in history, and they don't understand separation of church and state. I can't imagine how a country would be run.. yikes!

  5. Hel, I'm sorry I offended you. I never meant to imply that you're a bad Mormon.

    I was offended by NieNie's suggestion that ruling out a candidate because of his religious beliefs was a sin against the Constitution. I'm not trying to attack your faith; I was trying to express my fear of a leader who would kowtow to a will other than that of the American People. Of course, I know I'm living in a dream world, thinking any elected official is there to serve this great nation, but I like my little dream world, okay? I know where the Church stands on issues concerning gay rights and abortion and, hell, even Wall Street reform (one of these days, let's talk about where all that tithing money is going, shall we?). I know that in order to be a member of his church, in good standing, with a current temple recommend, Mitt Romney will never fall into line with where I stand on those issues.

    The statement I made about Good Mormons? My ex-BFF Kat was a Mormon for several years. She told me once she could never vote for a candidate that supported legalized abortion - I know, i know, abortion is a highly overblown political ploy, but her words were startling to me; she hated George W., but she wouldn't vote against him because the other guy was pro-choice. Her Church taught her that abortion was wrong; she felt her temple recommend (her ticket to salvation) could've been called into question.

    I don't claim to be a Mormon "expert"; I've read a lot because I came >-< this close to joining the Church years ago and I always wondered in the back of my mind if it was true. My internet wanderings have led me to things completely contrary to what I was taught in the discussions...and led me to have lots of questions about the Church and how it uses Eternal Salvation as a bargaining chip.

    I think Mormons are awesome. I want to be more like the Mormon women I know - I want to be at home, raising babies, making delicious dinners for friends and neighbors and strangers in need, making awesome crafts and throwing amazing birthday parties, thinking of others more often than I think of myself. I want to be strong and feel like I know there's something out there bigger than me; and that there's something more wonderful waiting for us after this life is over. Sometimes I imagine what my life would be like now if I'd converted way back when - surely I'd be married with a million babies by now (or 2).

    But then I remember all the things I've learned, and I just have a million questions I can't ask because most of them would probably lead down paths that are testimony-damaging and I don't want that shit on my conscience.

    So yeah. I'm sorry I offended you; it wasn't my intent. I'm working through some things over here; that's all.

  6. I thought that there was something called "separation of Church and state."

    That's my belief. I also think it's somewhere in the Constitution, too....

    There shouldn't be religion in politics. There should just be solutions to problems that are plaguing our country...that don't involve religion...because religion really isn't an issue in America (we have freedom of it)...we're not getting blown up for it like in other countries, too. Fix the starving kids, shitty schools, dangerous neighborhoods, and our shitty healthcare system...vote over platforms on that stuff.

    Leave religion out of it. It has NO place in government. I'm pretty sure that's what our forefathers decided would be the mainframe of America. Religion should not be a platform.

    I love you speaking your mind. It's about high time someone fucking does it without any regrets/worries. It's why I love Morrissey and you. ;)

  7. It's impossible (and probably stupid) to try to ignore a candidate's personal value system when deciding whether or not to vote for him/her. I'm not sure where I stand with Mitt (and I am an active Mormon). There are plenty of Mormons who think his policies are way crazy. On the flip, I think it's kind of refreshing to see a candidate with an often misunderstood value system who sticks to it and doesn't switch lanes depending on who he is talking too. There might be pros to someone like that. Not saying they outweigh the cons, but every door has two sides.


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