Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hate mail makes me popular, right?

Definitely counts as hate mail, 
I'm sure you'll agree.  
Doubly so when it's left by "Anonymous" - 
you know, 
if Kim left it, 
it'd be another thing entirely.  


That's all I've got to say about that. 
I just wanted to make sure you all saw it.  :)  

Here's a picture I took with my new phone:

Happy Thursday!


  1. Whaaaaat the fuck!? Seriously? Was that commented on something? That's awesome. I want hate mail. I want to know that I said or did something so obnoxious to someone that they took the time to comment on it and call me names. That's when you know you've made it into the big time girl! You go Notie!

  2. I just had to comment again because damn it, that's some funny shit. What exactly is a fake ass cunt? Is it your ass or your cunt that's fake? Or both? And I love your comeback comment afterward. I love you, you are awesome. Fuck that coward asscunt. Do you like how I turned ass & cunt into one word? I'm enjoying typing that one out. I'll have to save it for special occasions though. I think the pregnancy hormones are making me loopy.

  3. (Edited to add link to comment.) Love you, Kari!

  4. It's nice to see someone has Bratalie figured out. I'm not surprised your baby quit your uterus and peaced the fuck out. You's crazy, and it probably has something to do with your excessive pot smoking and your nightly booze habit. Your readers can't wait for your next blog where you talk the crazy talk and have your mental breakdowns. No wonder Jimi doesn't want to marry you.

  5. I'm wondering if this POS is the chick who got kicked out of mojo that you got into it with on FB that one time. (Does crotchfruit ring a bell?) The poseur British affectation ("your baby quit your uterus") is a dead giveaway.

    It does sound like someone local who THINKS she knows you, but in reality, doesn't know you well at all. And, once again, whoever it is doesn't have the balls to put her name. If it's who I think it is, she's always bragging about how tough she is, but she's obviously too scared to even put her name with the trash she's talking.

  6. My breakdowns do make good blog, don't they?

    That's cool. Attack me all you like. I put it out there - I share it all. It's my thing, I guess. Someone's bound to object. Eventually, someone's bound to use it to attack.

    Here's the thing, though. My fortress is fucking strong. All that shit I blab about - you think that's not therapy? You think that's anything other than me working through my shit? Nicely done, poking right at the freshly healed wounds. I'm good, though. My miscarriage, my subsequent inability to get knocked up again accidentally on purpose, my vices, my bad-ass relationship that most can only fantasize about that I desperately wish my man would legitimize with a legal document - well done on pointing out the things I come here to work through. I'm flattered that you've been paying attention.

    You didn't read closely enough, though. You didn't read between the lines. Life is fucking awesome, even when you factor in the major suck of the low times. So poke and prod all you want at what you perceive as my weak spots - I'm at peace with what my life is, and I'm happy as a fucking clam.

    I hope you can say the same. I hope getting your digs in is what gets you off. I'm sorry I can't react more vehemently for your pleasure, but you're obviously just a bitch, and I just can't care a bit about you and your needs.

    Peace out.

    (Oh. And Mags? I love your face, girlfriend.)

  7. Mags,

    Dahling, me thinks you don't know much at all. A fine lady such as myself doesn't get kicked out of places. What is this mojo you speak of? Crotchfruit? Whilst I do think that is a fabulous word, you have the wrong lady. Me thinks you have a special lady crush on Bratalie. I'm sure Bratalie wouldn't mind scissoring with you.

    Hugs & Kisses,

  8. Mags, this bitch can't even fake a good Kat impersonation. Whatever, yo.

  9. Bratalie,

    Guess what? I'm pregnant, and you're not.


  10. Okay Okay, I admit it. It was me all along. There's nothing on TV and I got bored. I can't even begin to tell you how ridiculously pathtic I think Anon is but I do feel the need to congratulate you on hate mail. I'm just a smidgen jealous I have yet to recieve my first one. Looking forward to it though, to be sure. I love your guts Bratalie and am sending hugs. Which says a lot coming from someone who doesn't like to be touched. :)

  11. Hi, I'm Anonymous too. But not the same Anonymous. I'm sure it can be confusing, since it's spelled similar.

    Anyone that says "me thinks" and "whilst" in online snarkfests is really crappy at trolling. If they truly believed anything they wrote, they'd realize that they just admitted to their own special lady crush by bringing up previous blog posts.

    Oh, and if you post a Snideley Whiplash witty retort, you do nothing but perpetuate the obvious - that you're here for exactly what Natalie provides. Entertainment.

  12. Dear Anonymous's Babby:

    I am sorry for your lots. I will pary for your soul.



  13. Wow. I see anonymous has nothing better to do than read and comment on a blog it doesn't like. I'm guessing it leads a very sad life and doubtful it is pregnant because really, it's laughable. Let's see how anonymous anonymous really is.

  14. Nat, you're one of the coolest people I know and I love everything about you!*

    *just sayin'

  15. Damn Nat, I didn't think... well never mind, I'm not sure what I expected. Poor pathetic Anonymous. I'll pray for her soul too! :-)

    Anonymous Alicia
    (sorry not logged in)

  16. Obviously, AnonymousAsshole is off its meds; either that or it got hold of some bad weed which accounts for its intense display of brain seepage in its pathetic comments.

    Hate posts, even by people who hide behind their insanity are easily traced, Nats. Local law enforcement can zero-in on this creature very quickly, just contact them with all the info.

    AnonymousAsshole? Fuck with Natalie and you fuck with everyone who loves her. Not a smart move!

  17. That bitch stole my name for you, damnit.

    Congrats, Bratalie.

    I love you.

  18. Hi Baby,

    I am sorry you have to see the ugly side of life, i wish i could protect you from it... i promise to keep the worst from you with all that i have to give.

    Our life is so wonderful, i am sorry our friend doesn't see it or is jealous. We can't influence her flawed thinking but we can offer her our compassion. Unfortunately she will never have our affection.

    We have built a bond that is stronger than any ring can make. I love you whole-heartedly. Our lives are so intertwined sometimes i don't know where i end and you begin. To feel so complete, its easy to see how someone can be so jealous.

    Some people are so miserable that they can't contain it, it seeps and spreads to those close to them. We made a choice to distance ourselves from this misery, no matter how many hands were extended it is up to this person to to pull themselves up. I hope one day soon they will finally stand and rise out of the mire that surrounds them.

    Anon, i know who you are, it isn't hard to figure out. I am sorry that we distanced ourselves from you. I can't be held to watch idly while you tear your family apart and continue to make decisions that hurt us and those around you. I hope that you have a health child, and that you find the strength and grace to live a happy life, for yourself and those around you.


  19. Wow. My work schedule has been so crazy lately that I haven't been able to read your blogs but was sent a link to this little gem by a friend.

    People are turds.

  20. Who would SAY such hateful things? Some of those anonymous comments are literally making my stomach hurt. It's horrible that anyone would be mean like that!!


  21. Natalie, obviously Anonymous Shithead is jealous of your relationship and other areas of your life as well. As a long time police officer, I would keep an eye open. Sounds like you know this pervert personally. Cudos to you Jimi for speaking up. That's really cool and shows you love your girl.


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