Thursday, February 3, 2011


Okay, this is jacked up.  The indicident yesterday could be explained away by a cultural/communication gap.  But today?  Today is just bullshit, and I'm 99% convinced it was purposeful and intentionally mean. 

Guys, I was embarrassed to even tell Jimi, but I'm going to tell you:  For the second time in two days, a man has asked me if I'm pregnant.

What.  The.  FUCK?!  These cockbags obviously have no sense, no tact, no couthe. 

And I obviously am fat.  Any doubt I had in my mind that I could maybe pretend I wasn't part of that particular club has long since evaporated and is gone forever.  I'm okay with it, too; I know I'm fat.  But motherfuck, I certainly don't want it pointed out.  By men.  Who I work with.

Yesterday?  That stung a little, but the man didn't set out to hurt my feelings.  Today?  I think this guy did.  This morning, I relayed yesterday afternoon's events to the people who missed our meeting.  Not 30 minutes later, the same gem I discussed here was standing in my office, commenting on how big my belly seems to be getting and am I pregnant?  I glared at him, told him no, I'm not, but thanks for asking and making me feel so fantastic.  Futher, I said, you've just made my day by being the second person in as many days to say such a thing.  His response was "well, if I'm not the first, then i don't feel embarrassed".  Don't worry, dick, I'm plenty embarrassed for the both of us.   

I've got a theory that he heard the story from yesterday and maybe he was trying to be cute.  Or maybe he was trying to be mean.  Or maybe he really is just that much of an asshole.  Either way, I wish our work relationship was one that did not require regular communication, because, frankly, I've got nothing nice to say to this cat any longer.  I've been harrassed and made to feel small and had horrible things said to me by this man for years, and I've tolerated it with a smile and brushed it off.  I'm finished pretending. 


  1. When my sister was pregnant with my nephew she did the belly tracings. Every week she would stand with her shoulder against the wall and my brother in law would trace her stomach. One day I stood next to it and lo & behold I was 18 weeks pregnant. Fancy. So far, I've been 18 weeks pregnant for about 77 years.

    Usually, I just say the same thing you do, 'not pregnant, just fat.' but recently I've added 'we've been unable to conceive for about 2 years now so thanks for bringing it up.' I'm tired of being polite about it. I don't care who's asking. It's rude. I don't think anyone should ask that question until that baby is crowning. And keep your damn hands off my stomach. Assholes.

  2. O M G I NO RITE?!

    And thanks for making me feel better. :)


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