Thursday, February 24, 2011

I hate drama. (In a not-at-all sort of way.)

I love drama.  I really, really do.  I love a good trainwreck.

Well, wait.  Let me clarify:  I love other peoples' lives.  I don't want or love drama in my own life, which is why I live such a boring happy little life.  I don't love drama when it adversely affects my friends or loved ones (my brother's drama?  Totally not funny).

BUT, I really love watching from the outside looking in.  Girlfriend wants to get all passive aggressive on her blog toward chicks who make passes at her man - knowing the other women will read the rant and know it was meant for them - LOVE IT!  There are at least three people in my Facebook friends who I'm friended-up with only because they are the sort who love drama in their own lives, and, as a result, I love watching their news feeds.  Kim will say "I thought you couldn't stand them?!" and I'll be all "Well, I don't AGREE with their choices, but I sure do like watching how they play out."

I'm a bad person, I know.  I should be ashamed of myself, but I'm not.  It's no worse than watching Jersey Shore, I rationalize - except I know most of my drama-sources in real life and so I can get the inside scoop, not just what an editor decided was most television-worthy.  I'm a really bad person.

Not all of what I consider "drama" is bad, though.  Some of it is good.  Watching Monica Bielanko via the internet for the last year or so via her blog and Babble posts, her husband's blog, reading about their efforts at raising their daughter, trying to conceive a second child, ALL about her pregnancy, and now, the birth of their son, born yesterday, and who was named, I assume, in honor of the deceased eldest child (Henry Granju) of another blogger, Mamapundit, - that's been pretty awesome.  And I know way more about the reality of pregnancy now, too - apparently it's not all big boobs and cute baby bumps and little flutters.

Reading Mamapundit's tales of life after the death of her child, the birth of her youngest only weeks later, and, recently, a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage - it's heartbreaking...  inspirational, also; it reminds me of how amazing humans are, women in particular, at adapting and overcoming the ridiculous and horrible obstacles life throws at us.

And then there's Allison O over at O My Family - she makes me want to join a church, get pregnant, and quit my job.  Go look at her pictures.  Seriously.  Have you ever seen a cuter family?  Reading her older blogs about her struggles with motherhood, I think "'O' goodness, if it's this hard for her, how would I ever manage?  I'm not half as patient and sweet and good as she appears to be..."  But oh my goodness, she also makes it look like so much freakin' fun!  I want to be more like her.  (I'll start by trying to make the baby, I guess.)


Not all drama is Jersey Shore quality, but it certainly has its place.  As do the uplifters, the encouragers, the redeemers, the examples.  I love it all.

I was going to call it voyeurism, and it hit me...

I just realized...

I think I've done this post before.

I'm pretty sure I have.
I think I even linked the same blogs.

Oh well.


  1. I'm seriously a drama lover when it's someone else's. I hate when my own life gets slammed with it, but really- I cannot lie. I LOVE IT. The good, the bad, the inspirational- the Top Chef (OMWord, the drama they cook up there!)
    Wait, that's not why you read my stuff is it? I am kinda dramatic... lol

  2. You are hilarious!!!

    Which is why I gave you a blogging award! Check it out if you want to participate:


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