Monday, February 28, 2011

Not too bad...for a Monday.

I want everything I shouldn't have.  I want everything Jimi shouldn't have, especially.  Sugar, pasta, red sauce, cheese (LOTS of cheese!), cookies, ice cream, sugar, garlic bread...all of it.  At the same time.

Instead I'm going to have cereal or a spinach salad, depending on how ambitious I'm feeling when I finally decide I'm hungry enough to go forage in the kitchen for food.

Lazy and fat, that's what I am.  But, to my credit, I have 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies hidden away in the pantry - I left them there this weekend because it wasn't until after I got them home that I remembered Jimi can't have them and that Jimi loves them and that it would be cruel of me to eat them in front of him.  So I hid them away, deciding that I'd delve in when he was out doing something without me.  The thing is, we don't really do anything apart, so the cookies are still hidden in the pantry.  I think I dreamed about them last night.

I need to put in some overtime at work and I'm dreading it and putting it off and not doing it and that sure as hell isn't getting it done, so it's all still just sitting there, looking at me.  I think this is the week - to clear my desk would be so awesome.

I don't have anything fun to talk is happy and boring, just the way I like it.
Maybe tomorrow.  Till then...

Happy Monday!


  1. Thank you for coming by my blog! I very much appreciate it! You have a lovely blog here! Girl Scout Cookies - ummm...yum! I got 2 boxes a week ago. I have one left. I swear I wait all.year.long for the damn things! I don't know any girl scouts so I could have swore I would have a disappointment of a year and not have any - thank goodness for those girls standing out selling them in an old empty parking lot, on the side of the highway! haha! Happy Monday

  2. How much I recognize myself! My hubby needs to lose weight and I have a ard time staying off those sweet things....I also hide things sometimes! But now I need to try to eat better myself too, I've been skinny all my life but tend to put on some more weight now:(

  3. MsK, one of my co-workers has daughters, so there are usually spare boxes available for purchase at a premium throughout the year. I think I paid $5 for a box of tagalongs last August.

    Susi, I need to do better too, but me and self-control? Self-discipline? We're not good friends. It's hard. But I try.

    Oh...and want to know how I know Jimi doesn't read my blog? Cookies haven't been touched. Nary a word has been said. I'm both bummed and thrilled.


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