Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sundays make me sad because Monday's just around the corner.

We're closing on Tuesday. WOOHOO! We should be closing Monday, but she didn't call with that date until Friday, and Jimi just can't do it. If he calls in on Monday, he won't get paid for Monday, Thursday, or Friday. I mean, how's about some notice up in here, yo?

So Tuesday is the day. The living room is completely packed. The kitchen is getting there. Laundry is being done slowly but surely. Today, my goal is to pack most of the bedroom and finish up the middle room. Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a horrible procrastinator, but that's just how I am. It'll all get done. And it seems excruciating to drag out the packing thing over weeks and weeks. Who wants to look at boxes for all that time? Get it done in one fell swoop and be done.

Yesterday was Momma's birthday. We took Stacy to Shalimar for her Raincheck Birthday Dinner Re-do (cause I was sick on her actual birthday), and after dinner, we got a cheesecake and some candles at Liquor Barn, then went to Momma's house to sing Happy Birthday and give her the Bath & Body Works stuff we'd braved Black Friday for to obtain. None of us had room for cake, so we each held a candle, lit them up, sang, then put them in her face and told her to blow them out. We improvise. :)

My friend David finally joined Facebook. I only hear from him every couple years; at least now I can internet stalk him.

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