Sunday, November 1, 2009

So, yesterday was Halloween.

I really did have Indian food for breakfast, too. It wasn't noon, more like 12:30/1 o'clock, but close enough. Except for too much anise in the Masala Chai, it was delicious, thanks for asking.

We drove by the house - I wanted to see if the trees in the yard are changing and what the leaf situation is going to be next fall when we're doing the yard work. Most of the leaves are just your plain boring brown, with the exception of one tree in the back - it was on fire with reds and oranges and yellows. At least there's one. There weren't many leaves in the yard, but honestly, it doesn't matter. As if I'm going to rake a yard that size. Yards that size are why God invented riding mowers and gave me a job that allows for a lot of disposable income. And, the way I look at it, if you're paying a grand or two for a riding mower, that bitch better mulch, too. That's all I'm saying.

They've put the "SOLD" signs on top of the "For Sale" signs in the yard. That was neat to see. "That's RIGHT! This house is OURS!!! SOLD to US!" That's kinda how I felt. It's all very exciting.

When I moved back to Louisville 3.5 years ago, I had an almost-instant popularity within my new social circle. Within 3 months, I was going out every night and on the invite list to every party my little heart desired, and I loved it. I felt like I'd finally found my niche. Then I met Jimi, and something in my world shifted. Hooking up with him opened doors for even more parties and events, and I knew the only reason I was there was because I was on his arm. That was okay - I just wanted to be with him. Time went on and we withdrew into each other more and more, the going out stopped, the party invites started drying up. That's what happens when you don't leave your house. This Halloween season, we were invited to several parties, gatherings, events. We didn't go to any of them. We didn't even seriously discuss ideas for costumes. Last night we started a fire in our back yard, a feat which would've moved much more quickly had the wood not been soaked from the rain we had all night Friday. But, it was good, dry, split wood before it got rained on, and with the help of a half gallon of lighter fluid, the contents of 3 months of lint trays, half a newspaper, and a dozen or so toilet paper rolls, the fire was finally roaring and warm. Jimi opened the living room window and turned the TV and speakers so they faced out, and then we sat in not-really-for-outside-but-we-use-them-outside-anyhow chairs and watched the remastered version of "Night of the Living Dead", which AMC was conveniently showing all night. YAY FOR OUTDOOR THEATER!!! We had booze and smokes and our favorite person and our wild & crazy dog, and our silly kitty - who needs a stinkin' Halloween party when we have all this? I just really like being at home, okay?

The house was COLD this morning. I guess I turned the furnace off at some point in the last couple of weeks and never turned it back on. It was 70 on Friday, though. I mean, I can see how the thing may have gotten turned off. But this morning, it was below 40 outside. I'm pretty sure our inside temp wasn't much higher. (The thermostat was pegged below 50, but that thermostat also says it's only 60 in here right now. In other words, the thermostat is fucked, so I don't give much credence to what it reads.) The house got nice and toasty while I ran to the grocery, though, so I'm hoping Jimi will eventually get out of bed and make breakfast. Like he promised.

I remembered yesterday that I had never brought in the books from our last garage sale extravaganza. I'd purchased at least a dozen light fiction novels for about a quarter a piece, and they were still in the trunk of my car. I finally finished Huck Finn yesterday, and now I'm ready for something a bit more modern.

It's November 1st. T-minus 29 days till the tax credit runs out. We've got our fingers crossed for a closing date within the next 2 weeks. I want to move. I want to be in our new home. I want Jimi to be back to normal and not on edge with stress. I want I want I want.

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