Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dear Santa,

My mom doesn't read this blog. I'm pretty sure my boyfriend doesn't either. So, it's up to you, Jolly Red Guy, to bring me the things I want this year. The list is short so far, and I'm not real particular about the details.

1. Digital Camera. I want to take pictures of things again. I want to have cool pics to upload onto my blog like everyone else. I want to have some new pictures to use as my thumbnail on facebook.

2. MP3 player. Because maybe it's time I joined the 21st century and got one of those little contraptions that plays music and doesn't even need a CD!

3. Laptop. I'm just throwing it out there, in case you're feeling extra generous.

4. Pedometer. Check back before you get this though - it's possible I'll pick one up myself rather than waiting to see if you remembered to leave one under the tree a month and a half from now.

5. New bras, in that "nearly-C" size. My girls aren't quite there yet, but a B is too snug.

6. A facial and a massage. They don't even have to be professional ones. Come over with your face washes and masks and some scented oil and I will SO take my top off and lay under a sheet.

7. Soft clothes - long-sleeved jersey knit cottons and sweaters and wool pants and slippers. As long as they're soft, I'll wear them.

8. Orchids.

9. Pots and soil for orchids.

10. Plants, indoor and outdoor.

11. Home Depot/Lowes/WalMart/Target gift cards. We're moving into our first home. We need to buy a lot of shit.

Okay, I'm getting carried away. So yeah. There ya go. If you're in the neighborhood, ya know?



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